Thursday, August 9, 2007


We are having such a good time that we are trying to figure out how we can move here!! We actually met a girl that moved here from Houston (amazingly she is originally from Waelder and her brother lives in Luling-It's a small world!!) Anyway, talking to her got us to talking about moving here-but we won't because we will miss everyone!! So we know that all good things come to an end and we will have to go home on Saturday. The kids have become quite the celebrities at the pool. Everyone seems to be amazed at their swimming abilities. People stop to watch Chandler jump off the side or Cheney get thrown through the air. We have met a lot of people from all over the United States. It has been so much fun!! I have included some more pictures. I hope you enjoy them!! See you next week!!

We have the perfect room this year-our patio is the 3 arches on the bottom of this building. This picture was taken from the pool.

The beach in front of our resort

A view of town from a hillside

Cheney is on the red 4 wheeler and Pop is on the yellow one. They had a GREAT time!!

Chandler playing in the sand-we found out the little princess doesn't like to get dirty!!

Playing in the surf-it was really windy today. The guys decided they were glad they weren't fishing!!

Wrestling has become really popular around here and Cheney bought a mask in the market. He was very excited!!

Chandler loves hanging out on the patio when she is eating!! This is one of her "new" faces this week-GOOFY!!

Billy throwing Cheney at the pool

Chandler wants to do everything Cheney does

Chandler with her new friend, Sophia. She is from Calgary, Canada. I think it is funny that she is darker than Chandler and she is from COLD Canada!!!


Me!! said...

Yeah and I wanted to move to Louis Corria Brazil too..... Oh well

Gram said...

WOW! It looks like sooo much fun. If you figure out a way to move to Mexico, let me know. I would like to to too.

Cheney & Chandler, your Mommy hasn't figured out yet that you ARE celebrities? Where has she been?

Grandpa said...

Chandler, are you speaking Spanish yet? With all these new friends I'll bet you'll be text messaging before long!

Cheney, what's your Wrestling Name? STICKMAN? Hurry home, so I can clean your plow!
Signed, Fatman (my wrestling name!)