Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aunt Reva!

We went out tonight to celebrate Aunt Reva's birthday. Her birthday was actually yesterday, but we had to go to church so we waited until today. As usual, Cheney & Chandler helped open presents. We had a great time & ate too much!!
We love you, Aunt Reva! Thanks for letting us spend time with you!!

Chandler & Cheney with the guest of honor

Travis with his new girlfriend, Marcia. She plays volleyball at SHS.

Aunt Reva didn't want any dessert, but Cheney & Chandler did! Dig in!!


MeMe said...

I know two kids who are always willing to help with gifts--theirs, mine, or any one's. They would probably help a stranger. Cheney, I sure hope that Reva finds her invisible keys to the invisible card you gave her.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

I had a blast last night! Thanks Cheney & Chandler for the help! Cheney we need to go hunting for those invisible keys. Do you think they would make any noise so we could find them?

grandpa said...

We had lots of fun with the family. Cheney, thanks for not shooting me with lemon seeds! Gram got lots of cool gifts but I know she wishes her kids could have been with her.