Thursday, July 2, 2009

TLU Rookie Basketball Camp

This morning will be interesting. This will be the 1st morning that Cheney didn't have something to do this summer. The 1st week of summer, he went to Outdoor Learning Center camp. The next week was VBS. Last week, he was at Soccer Camp and this week was Basketball Camp. I have hated having to get up every morning, but I know it was great for Cheney. This morning, while we were driving to camp, I said, "This is the last day of all your camps this summer." He said, "I know, can we do it all over again? It was so fun!"
He loves playing basketball!

At camp, he got the MR. HUSTLE award. This makes me very proud. I love that he was recognized for his effort!! Looking back at last year, he got the same award.....consistent!!

With one of his coaches.....

...and the other one. This coach was there last year & remembered Cheney by his hair!!


MeMe said...

Mr. Hustle!! They must not be around when Mom and Dad tell him to do something!! Proud of you, Cheney. Can't wait to see you put all the things you have learned to practice during soccer and basketball season.

Tammy said...

So glad he's enjoying his summer!

Gram said...

I am glad you have had such a busy summer. You kind of had to cram all of your active summer into just a few weeks. you should be able to rest a little next week.

Grandma said...

I am glad you enjoyed your camps this summer. One day soon you will be one of the best. Glad you like sports. Grandma does too.

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