Monday, December 3, 2012

Tang Soo Do Belt Test

Cheney has been steadily moving up at karate....Saturday he tested for his next stripe on his green belt.   He had to demonstrate his skills and break a board with his foot.


It took a couple of tries but he broke the board!!


Getting his belt will be red & he will test for that around July/August.  After the red belt, he works on getting his black belt....he should be getting his black belt when he is about 14 or so.  CRAZY!!


These 3 boys started karate about the same time so they frequently test together.  Cheney sure has learned a lot about discipline and hard work through karate.  We are very proud of him!!


MeMe said...

I did not know how much I would enjoy watching you practice your karate moves. BUT it is still hard to watch you spar.