Friday, June 29, 2007


Cheney decided that he would try to get up on the waterskis!! He and his Daddy got into the water to discuss all the things he needed to remember to get up. It rained most of the day on Thursday, but the sun FINALLY came out and there weren't many people on the river. The perfect time to try!!

This is his first try! I think it looks so cool to see him coming out of the water. He gets really nervous when he tries, but is excited each time he makes more progress.

This is the farthest out of the water he made it! Compared to last year, this is awesome!! All he had to do was stand up. He is so much more confident and I think with a little more practice he will be skiing up and down the river!!

This was Kylie's first time to try and ski. She was AWESOME!! She got up after 3 tries. Unfortunately, she is leaving to spend some time with her dad this summer so it will be awhile before she gets on the river again. We will miss you, Kylie.

Miss Chandler's favorite place to be when we are at the river: IN THE BOAT!!! She loves riding with the wind in her hair!! We have to hold onto her because she wants to be in the water with the other kiddos.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We went to Karson's 6th Birthday Party this evening. He had his party at ZDT Amusement Center. It is an indoor playland. Cheney had a great time on the Bungee Trampoline.

Cheney went pretty high, but he got a little nervous when he would get to the top!

Chandler had fun climbing in the Jungle Playland!!

Chandler and Billy were collecting balls to throw at Mom!!

Cheney had a great time climbing the rock wall-he tried several times but couldn't quite make it to the top!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All About Chandler!!

Riding on her zebra!!

Sitting in her rocking chair!!

Cheney is spending the night with his friends, Micayla and Justin, so today has been devoted to Miss Chandler. Chandler has been growing into a beautiful little girl!! She has a great personality and learns many things each day. Her favorite thing to do is swim. She is not scared at all and you have to be on your toes if you are in the pool with her. Chandler just jumps into the water whether you are paying attention or not!! Another thing she likes to do is EAT!!! Chandler would love to see you-she hasn't met a stranger yet.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Playing Around!!

Well, Cheney started Drama Camp today. He had a blast!! His favorite thing was practicing his emotions: I think his favorite emotion is "ANGRY." After drama camp, we went to the park for our friend's 4th birthday party. Unfortunately, it rained off and on. It didn't seem to bother the kids though!! Cheney and Chandler have really enjoyed playing in the rain (when it isn't thundering and lightening.) They like to see who can get the wettest!!

Chandler loves following the "big girls" around!!

Cheney LOVES playing with his little sister! I am sure that will change soon!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Welcome to Cheney & Chandler's World

Everyone seems to be creating blogs so we can keep up with our families
so I thought I would join in the fun!!
Cheney and Chandler have had a BUSY summer so far: VBS, swimming lessons, and soccer camp. Cheney is going to drama camp next week!!

Here are a few pictures of their activities.