Sunday, November 30, 2008

Too Cute Not To Share!

The weather was beautiful when we got out of church.....a little windy, but a good Fall day. We went to Aunt Reva & Uncle Mitch's house to eat Turkey Day leftovers so I took a few pictures of the kids to share with you!! ENJOY!!
Tomorrow is the 1st day of December. Have you finished your Christmas shopping??

Cheney is turning into a little man....this is his cool pose!!

Chandler looked so sweet today......

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Music To My Ears!!

Most of you know how hard we have worked with Chandler to get her to talk......she has been meeting with several different therapist for several months now & she has made soooo much progress. She is talking non-stop & it is the most joyful voice. Her favorite thing to do is here are some samples of her songs. REMEMBER TO TURN THE MUSIC OFF ON MY BLOG SO YOU CAN HEAR HER!!

This is her version of the "ABC's"....they seem to be never-ending. Then, you can hear "Jesus Loves Me" combined with something that is called "Unknown." Hearing her little voice makes me took so long to hear it!!

She loves the "Wheels On The Bus." We sing this A LOT!!

Thanks for listening to my little sweet girl.....she continues to bless us each & every day!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We had a pretty quiet Thanksgiving. No one came from out of town so it was just those of us who live in Seguin. It was nice to just visit with our family & have little stress. Makes me VERY THANKFUL that we live close to our family.

Chandler has changed so much in the past few months. She is talking non-stop & is just a blast to be around.

Cheney is getting to the age where he is a little uncooperative when I take his picture. I asked him to smile & he filled his mouth full of mashed potatoes for the picture.
Chandler has a new game that she is called Zingo & she wants to play it all the time.
It was warm today....Chandler & Uncle Mitch enjoyed the hammock after dinner.


After a full day, Chandler feel asleep on Aunt Reva & Uncle Mitch's bed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aunt Reva's B-Day Dinner

Last night, we went out for Aunt Reva's Birthday. Her birthday is actually on Friday, but she is really lucky & gets to go to the SPURS game.....NOT FAIR!!

Uncle Mitch got this DELICIOUS cake for her birthday.....Cheney was so excited!!

The birthday girl enjoying her cake!!

We were entertained by Chandler's flexibility!! She was kissing her toes!!

Helping open the presents

Just being silly....they have playing together a lot. Sometimes it works out well and sometimes....well, they just fight. I am sure there are more days like that to come!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chandler's Turkey

Chandler hasn't been feeling well & missed church yesterday morning. MeMe brought home her project so she could finish it. MeMe is a GREAT Sunday School teacher!

Doing her 2nd favorite thing-GLUEING!! Her 1st favorite thing is CUTTING!!

Pressing the body down....

Almost done!

Ok, so her fever is back up. She stayed home from school today & it looks like she won't be going tomorrow. THANK GOODNESS FOR GRANDMA!!

Feeling a little better after the Tylenol kicked in....showing off her Turkey. This turkey is made with patterns of her hands & feet!!
Definitely a cute turkey!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Photos

Last weekend, the weather was beautiful so we decided to take some pictures of the kids for Christmas card pictures. My idea was to take them to Central Park to take pictures in front of the fountain. But it was really windy & there is some construction there. Daddy had an idea to take them to TLU....there are some cool sculptures there, but there was construction there too!! So we drove around the campus and found a few other places for pictures!
I think they turned out pretty cute!!



Cheney was just dying to ring the bell!!

This sculpture was fun to climb on!

Always being a boy!!

Does this look like trouble?

This would be my favorite if the sun wasn't so bright!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fastest Boy

Today was the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot!! For the past week, Cheney has been telling us that he probably won't do as good as last year. Last year, he got 2nd place. This year, he even tried to get his Daddy to write a note saying that he couldn't run because his leg hurt!!

Well, Daddy got a phone call that he needed to come to the school because Cheney was the fastest boy in the 1st grade!! WOO HOO!!

He told me this evening that this was the BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE!! YAY!!

We are so proud of him!! Not only is he extremely motivated to give 100% at playing, he is reading non-stop!! Every night, he reads at least one chapter of his book--ALL BY HIMSELF!! Daddy said that he was sure glad that he likes reading as much as his Mommy!! I told him that reading makes you smarter!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Inaugural San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon

About 6 months ago, I had a CRAZY idea. I heard about the 1st ever Rock 'n' Roll marathon to be held in San Antonio. I decided that I would enter the 1/2 marathon....13 miles seemed like plenty for me. I convinced Billy to enter with began our training. BUT.....we really didn't start training seriously until about a month ago. Last night, I was really nervous. The farthest I had even run was 10 miles. It was going to be cold & I was afraid that we weren't ready....Billy said we were fine!! Easy for him to say....he has competed in a Sprint Triathlon!! He was used to this type of thing.

We left our house at 5:30 am this morning & drove to the AT&T center to catch a shuttle to the start line....IT WAS COLD!!!!! My teeth were chattering....

Of course, I had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there.....

MeMe-this picture is for you. By 7 am, these port-a-pottys were out of toiletpaper. Note to self: next time, bring a package of kleenex!!

Waiting at the start line

We were in corral #28....this meant we actually didn't start until 8:30. The wait was terrible!!

At about 4 miles, I had to go to the bathroom AGAIN!!

Look!! I am smiling!!

Ok, this is about mile smile isn't as big!!

I finished!! I never had to walk, only stopped once to go the bathroom, and I ran UP the last hill passing the people who were walking!!

We finished our 1st 1/2 marathon in 2 hours and 26 minutes. I thought this was great until I looked & saw that the top 10 people finished in like 1 hour and 5 minutes.
Thanks for running with me, honey!! It was way more fun with you setting my pace!!

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is Grandma's Birthday!! We are sooo lucky to have our Grandma so close by!!

We love you!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Super Saturday

Today was a great day!! We got up, ate cinnamon rolls, got dressed, & headed to the mall to see SANTA!! You heard isn't even Thanksgiving yet & Santa is at the mall!!??
We were so glad to go....there was no line & Santa read an entire book to the kids!!

After we talked to Santa, we headed over to the Alamodome. Mommy & Daddy are running (I mean jogging!) in the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon tomorrow morning. We had to pick up our packets & race info. There are 30,000 people registered!! We are very anxious & excited.

Walking around the Health Expo was interesting.....
The high tomorrow is only 69!! For South Texas, it will be a COLD morning.....BRRRR!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinosaurs & Ice Cream

We are still on restriction so no TV tonight.....
We dissolved dinosaur eggs....

And ate ice cream....

One more day of restriction!! YAY!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pop's Birthday Dinner

We were supposed to go out to dinner last night, but Pop & Cheney both were sick so we had to postpone it until tonight. They are feeling much better!! We headed over to Carino's this evening.....YUMMY!!

Pop with his FAVORITE grandkids!!

Eating bread......this is his favorite part!

Loves bread just like her Mommy!

Daddy & Cheney

Cheney & Mommy

Cheney went his 1st DI meeting today. When the coach asked what he was good at, he said "I am good at comedy!" It was hilarious!! This is his comedy tonight!!
We are glad you both are feeling better!!