Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

Daddy decided to take us out to dinner tonight. We went to Texas Roadhouse-YUMMY!! Chandler was funny...she copied everything I did to get ready. She took a shower with me, blow dried her hair, put her hair in velcro rollers, put on eyeshadow & lip gloss, lotion, perfume, etc. After we were all dressed, we took a picture.
This is Chandler's favorite pose:

Sassy girls, ready to go out!! Daddy watch out!!

Chandler thought her hair was BEAUTIFUL!! She kept flipping it over her shoulder.

She loves to give hugs!!

Cheney is going to the deer lease tomorrow with his Daddy & today they discovered that he has grown 2 in. since January so he needs new camo pants. We didn't want to take him all the way over to the dressing room in Academy so he is hiding between the racks to try the pants on.

Silly boy! He was so worried that the girl who was working on that aisle would see him. I said she couldn't see him because he was hiding!!

Tomorrow they are heading to the deer lease to work. There will be a bunch of boys there so Mommy & Chandler are staying home. I hope they have fun!! I am sure you will be able to see pics later on over on Daddy's blog.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Town Friday Night

YEA!! Football season started today. We love Friday nights in the Stephenson household. I think the reason why I love teaching high school is because of the extra-curricular stuff we do!!

Everyone was decked out in their Matador gear!!

Chandler was so excited that both of our shirts were PINK!! Her favorite color!!

Waiting for kickoff

Cheney got to see his buddies: Justin & Micayla. They always have fun at the games together.

Chandler spent most of her night in Pop's lap watching the "poopball" game.

One of the highlights of living in a small town in Texas is that EVERYONE is at the game. We were playing our rivals: New Braunfels. This is the oldest running rivalry in the state of TEXAS!!

Now Chandler is eating a pickle....she loves concession stand food!!

Cheney spent some time trying to decide who his favorite player was. Unfortunately, we didn't play so good tonight....oh well, there is next week...

She LOVED watching the game!!

I hope these 3 always stay buddies!!

This is one of my students....his name is Justin. He had knee surgery this summer so he isn't playing until district starts. Justin asked me to take this picture with Cheney so he could put it in his scrapbook--and hang it in my classroom!! Thanks Justin....

There is nothing like Texas football on a Friday night....even though we did lose...Cheney was still in the line...high-fiving the guys...saying "Good Game." I was proud of him. He doesn't care if we win or his eyes all of the boys are COOL!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The 1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school.
Cheney is officially in 1st grade.
Haven't they grown up since last year?

Update: I just realized he wore the same shorts on the 1st day this year as last year...his legs have gotten LOOOOOONG!!!!!!!

All 3 of us dressed in our finest!!

Sassy Girl!!

She is feeling much better & got to go to school today!! YES!!

My big boy with his messenger bag--apparently WAY cooler than a backpack!!

His feet look HUGE!!

Ok, so we are driving to school & I am taking pictures. In this picture, he is saying through his teeth...."last picture, Mom."

Little did he know....I was snapping away!!

Walking into school...this isn't a very good picture...the lady behind was honking at me!! I was very disappointed that he wouldn't let me walk him in. I kept saying "look at all the other parents walking their kids in" and he just said "Mom!!"

Cheney had a great day in 1st grade. He isn't so happy about being surrounded by girls in his desk...oh well, one day he will like it. He has his 1st spelling test Friday...I am already nervous!!

Check Out These!!

I want a pair of these...
Aren't they cute?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Will Make You Cry...

Chandler has been in daycare for exactly 5 days. She already has a cold...poor kid...just can't stop coughing. She has had breathing treatments since she was a newborn. She was airlifted in respiratory distress when she was 5 weeks old. The DR. treated her for asthma, but then decided (hopefully) she outgrew it.

But today, we are doing this every couple of hours. The good news is that she used to scream the ENTIRE duration of the treatment. Now, she is a big girl & sat still while she was breathing in the medicine. She even ASKED for a treatment when she was coughing a lot. I am so proud of her!!

The funniest part of this...she was saying "cheese" the whole time I was taking pictures. Remember, it wasn't long ago when she wouldn't talk at all!!

Hopefully, we can kick this stuff fast. The official 1st day of school is tomorrow!!

It's A Good Thing The Olympics Are Over!!

We have really enjoyed watching the Olympics. Cheney has gotten into it. He cheers for any makes me laugh because he doesn't say "The USA won." He says "The Americans won." He is definitely proud to be an American!! He has learned about some new beach volleyball (Daddy likes that one too--especially the women!). He enjoyed watching all the track & field events. This morning we were getting ready for church & he told me with his new haircut he looked like Michael Phelps!! I think it is cool that he knows who these athletes are & why they are important!!
But we have to go back to school tomorrow & have to go to bed earlier...
We can't have any more nights like this...

This was the night he stayed up watching beach volleyball!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

And it's gone...

I am sure that most of you know that the highlight of school ending was Cheney's mohawk. I posted yesterday about the teacher's reaction at Meet The Teacher. So, I took him to get it cut today. I really tried HARD to convince him to leave it longer. He has such thick hair & it curls a little. I thought he looked so cute...but he told me "curls were for girls!"
So, he went from this...

To this...high & tight!!

The funniest thing...he can't keep his hands off his head...he rubs all over it. I looked at him crazy & he told me that it feels so good!! Just don't let any girls rub on it & we will be fine!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet The 1st Grader

Last year, we attended our first Meet The Teacher. I think I was more nervous than Cheney--I just didn't want my baby to grow up & go to school. He had an awesome year & is so ready for 1st grade. Tonight, we got to officially "Meet The Teacher." I say "officially" because I have known his 1st grade teacher since I was in middle school!!

It was raining so Daddy dropped us off at the door. Cheney was so excited!! I was really interested to see the reaction his mohawk received. I was really unsure if we HAD to cut it or not. The dress code doesn't say anything about mohawks!! Well, I got my answer...we walked into the door & were met by his counselor, Ms. Colvin. She gave him a hug and said, "Cheney, are you enjoying your last few days with a mohawk?" Then, we walked down the hall & passed the 5th grade teachers, the 4th grade teachers, then the 3rd grade teachers...they all just stared at him...and then at us. Daddy said, "We sure are getting some dirty looks." I knew then that we have to make some changes before Monday!!

Cheney is really excited! He is going to ride the bus home on most days. He proudly put his name on the board for bus riders.

1st grade is different because he gets a DESK!! In kindergarten, everyone just sat around tables....I think he is proud to have a desk!

Cheney's 1st grade teacher is Ms. Sagebiel. Mommy went to high school with Ms. Sagebiel's daughter, Tara. She has been teaching for many years & I think Cheney will enjoy being in her class!!

Cheney will have a new GT teacher this year. Her name is Ms. Krippner. Guess what? Mommy went to high school with her daughter, Allison!! She also taught at the high school the 1st year that Mommy taught there. Cheney will go to GT classes once a week. He is going to have FUN!!

STAY TUNED FOR PICTURES OF THE 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL!! I WILL TRY HARD NOT TO CRY...after I pulled into the driveway from "Meet the Teacher" I was crying tonight!! I am crying right now!! Good I understand why my mom wouldn't leave the classroom on the 1st day of school when I was growing up...and I thought she was sooooo weird!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is why Billy would want to be a stay-at-home he could make silly videos like this one!! **YOU MUST PAUSE BLOG MUSIC TO WATCH THE VIDEO!!**

Stay at Home Dad Rap - Watch more free videos

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bubba's Back!!

This afternoon, Cheney came home from the coast. This is how they greeted each other...not staged!! It was so cute!! Cheney said, "Mom, Chandler has grown so much taller since I left." It made me laugh!! He was only gone for 3 days!!
Chandler loves her Bubba--most of the time!!

Vacation Revisited Day #7

So, it is our last full day of our vacation. Tomorrow, we will be flying back to reality!! We decided that we needed to take the kids to the beach...we wanted to get to one that we could see from our house. We had to take a taxi a couple of miles up the main road to get to the Bahia De Conejos.

It was a 10 minute hike to the beach...we like trails like this, don't we?

But, it led to this...

We spent a little while scoping out the beach. Once again, we were the only ones there at this time...

The kids LOVE playing in the sand.

Cute Beach Babes!!

Cheney & Chandler 2008

The Wallace Family

Mommy & Daddy in the water.

Chandler loved to run in the surf....just don't get it in her eyes!!

We could buy drinks & chips here.

MeMe & Chandler hung out watching the waves.

Cheney stepped on a rusty bottle cap. He got a piece of metal stuck in his heel...he had to go to the dr. to have it removed after we got back to the USA. Poor guy!!

Our last night...