Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night!

It was a busy Halloween night! We went to church & the kids played games with their Kids Klub friends. After church was over, we quickly made our way to trick or treat. Because of church, we got a late start & a lot of people had already turned off their lights, but the kids got PLENTY of candy. The kids looked adorable in their costumes!!
Cheney & Chandler in the group picture

The Kids Klub group-everyone looked CUTE!!

Showing off her costume-SO CUTE!!

Playing a bowling game

A spider toss!!

Cheney (Shadow Ninja), Deano (Hunter), Terryn (Pixy Witch), & Chandler (50's girl)

Daddy showed up at Chandler's school to take a picture of her in her costume. She posed for him! She looked soooo adorable! Thanks, MeMe, for another AWESOME costume!!
We love you!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Night Before Halloween And All Through The House...

The Stephenson's were carving pumpkins!
We had a great time. Here are some pictures!
Enjoy! Check back later this week for pictures of HALLOWEEN DAY!!
Chandler laughs hysterically when you say,

Cheney & Chandler intently watching Daddy figure out the pattern.

Okay, can we all help?

Silly Pumpkin Boy!

Always like her big "Bubba"

3 heads & 6 hands are better than 1!

Awesome! Thanks Daddy! You rock!

Daddy should be a professional pumpkin carver, don't you think?

Proudly sitting on the front porch!

Our baby pumpkins all lines up! Notice the pattern? Cheney learned that is an ABABA pattern!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Luck Matadors!! WE LOVE THE MATS!!

Last week, Cheney & Chandler got to leave school early & go to the FIRST pep rally this season!! They had a GREAT time. Of course, I took pictures. This week, the game is out of town & they won't be going. It is going to be a tough game.
We love the MATADORS (no matter what!!)

MeMe was part of the faculty team in the relay. They beat the kids!! MeMe has taken a step on the right direction! When I was in high school, I seem to remember her dressing up as a chicken & dancing the Chicken Dance-also remember a Raisin (black trash bag & all) and dancing to "I Heard It Through The Grapevine." I WAS MORTIFIED!! She always seemed to find me to say hello!!!!

Cheney with Brandon

Cheney with Derek

Cheney with Samantha (his 2nd favorite mellophone player-GO HEATHER!)

Chandler looking to her big brother-this was her 1st high school pep rally

Had to wear a black turtleneck-the 1st night it was a little cool at the game

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

After church this afternoon, we decided to take the kids over to the Pumpkin Patch to take some pictures. If you looked at the previous posts, you know that Chandler DOES NOT want to take a picture with her brother so we didn't get many cute ones of them together. The weather was beautiful this afternoon & we had a great time. Both kids picked out some pumpkins to take home.

As soon as we got home, Cheney said, "Dad, we need to set these outside to decorate the yard. It is Halloween, after all." Is it just me or is he just too smart??

Chandler DID NOT like the feel of hay on her legs!

Walking the balance beam

Concentrating really hard on getting across

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Notice Anything??

Since we could not get both kids to cooperate at the same time, we decided to take a few pictures of them separately. They turned out so cute!!

After all this cooperation, I got ambitious. Wouldn't it be cute if I could get the kids picture on the Corvette?

This is the BEST picture we got!! Yipee!! Isn't it cute???

Well...maybe next time...

Taking Pictures of Two Kids! Impossible!!

Today, we scheduled an appointment with a local photographer to take some family pictures of us. We tried to do this last year and I didn't really like them so we tried again this year. Chandler is a little older and I thought she would be easier to work with. Cheney is usually a big helper and can get Chandler to do most things. was ANOTHER story. If Chandler was looking cute, Cheney had a silly expression or if Cheney looked cute, Chandler refused to look at the camera! I think we got some good ones but I am not positive-I guess we will see. After we finished with the photographer, I took the kids to take a few more pictures. You can see how it turned out!!

"Bubba, look at me-NOW!!"

"She's choking me!"

"Wow, your hair is prickly"

Finally, a cute expression on both of them

Giddyup, horsey!!

I will post some of the individual pictures soon.

They are much better!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Chandler's shirt says:
"Who needs a costume when you are already a princess?"

Cheney's shirt says:

"If You Think I'm Scary Wait Till You See My Sister!"

Have a SCARY weekend!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chandler (& Pop) Go On A Field Trip!

WOW! The Stephenson kids have been busy. Today, Chandler's class visited the Pumpkin Patch at the Methodist Church. Pop took the morning off to go with her-THANKS POP!! I know that Chandler had a blast visiting the Patch, but I am pretty sure she had more fun riding the school bus for the 1st time. Every morning on the way to school, she gets so excited pointing out the school buses to me. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Walking to the school bus

WOO HOO! Riding the school bus!

Chandler & Keegan. Keegan's mom is Coach Ables, Cheney's PE teacher. His dad is Coach Ables, the Offensive Coordinator for the Matador Football Team.

Sitting with Pop, listening to the storyteller. They had to do this inside because it rained & made the story area very muddy.

Pop & Chandler on the hay bales

Looking cute on the hay bales

Picking out her pumpkin

Pop LOVED going on the trip

Chandler with her classmates-Logan, Keegan, Fantasie, & Tristan. Keegan was upset his mom wasn't in the picture! Poor guy!

Pop & Ms. Kalina trying to organize Chandler & her class. It was a tough job!