Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet Toby & Rocket-The Alpacas

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who didn't already know this-MEME HAS LOST HER MIND!!

But we love her anyway!!!!!!!!!!

This is Toby!

This is Rocket!

Okay, Meme & Pop went to the County Fair and met this couple selling Alpacas. Apparently, MeMe has heard about them and thought they were interesting. According to all the people who saw them-the females are REALLY expensive. These are males.

Needless to say, the two guys were welcomed to the Weir/Cloughly yard and field this afternoon. Cheney & Chandler were ECSTATIC! They spent an hour or two just walking them around the yard. Billy is laughing-he can't wait to see Meme shearing their coats. She is planning to sell it. They are pretty cool & I am sure that we will enjoy them. Stop by & visit them-they are very friendly.

Cheney meeting Toby for the 1st time

This guy's registered name is "Kingpin" but Cheney changed it to ROCKET~Don't you just love his hair

Cheney working with Toby on a leash

Cheney had pulled Toby all over the yard and he finally just sat down. They have already become fast friends!

Chandler taking Cheney & Grandma to see Toby & Rocket. She is very excited, but still a little nervous around them!


Tammy said...

I've been waiting for this post!!! "Rocket" was my favorite at the fair too! I love the picture of Cheney and Toby sitting in the grass!

Gram said...

Is this what turning 60 does???? This really scares me. I love Rocket. He was my favorite at the fair. I guess I will have to introduce myself to Toby. I am not sure I met him at the fair. Ya'll enjoy them.

Kerry Weir said...

What a busy weekend in Seguin! Looks like the alpacas are already well loved and cared for at the Weir's house. Hope you guys have lots of fun taking care of such unique animals!