Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....SUPERMAT!!

I know, I know, it's a dorky title! Let me explain-my 4th period students participated in the Homecoming door decorating contest. After brainstorming some ideas, they asked me what I thought. I mentioned something like "Why don't you make a Superman character look like a Matador and he can carry the ball to victory?" They told me that was a GREAT idea but no one could draw that well! I reminded Heather that her mom, Tammy, could make a SUPERMAT on the computer and print it out at church on the fancy copier. So, Supermat was created!! After working several afternoons after school (THANKS ANNETTE & CHRIS-YOU GUYS ROCK!!), we WON THE CONTEST!! I have been teaching at SHS for 10 years and always participate in the door decorating contest and have never won-never even gotten runner-up before. My kids are so excited!! Their prize is a pizza party hosted by the Student Council.
Now, the details about the game!
It was our 1st district game and it was an exciting game!!
The final score was 29-22!!
Go MATS Go!!!
This is my door. Thanks Tammy, you are awesome!!

Jeromy came home from college! Cheney was very excited to see him!!

MeMe made Chandler this cute dress for Homecoming!!

The cheerleaders threw out these cardboard helmets. Cheney had fun wearing two at once!!

Terryn posing for the camera. Chandler refused to be in the picture!!

I think this was the BEST part of the night. I took Deano & Cheney behind the field house. These are two of my former students. Brandon is #40 and Derek is #71. They really made the boys feel special, stinky but special!!

Thanks Brandon & Derek-you made it an AWESOME night for two little boys who are ready to be MATADORS next week!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Homecoming Week-Part II

In addition to Homecoming Week, it is also "S" week in Kindergarten. Cheney got to wear CRAZY socks today. He had a great time! After school, we met MeMe, Pop, & Mrs. Tammy at Kirby's. From there we headed to the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally. Of course, Cheney had a blast. I don't think Chandler really knew what to think of all the excitement. She was definately ready to go home & get in bed. Billy is out of town-lucky duck got to go to Las Vegas.

Cheney showing off his Batman socks. He insisted on standing with his feet to the side so you could get the FULL effect.

Cheney & Deano played a game of football while they waited for the parade to start.

Chandler loves the "big girls." This is Kylie, Haylie, & Olga. They are great babysitters!

Chandler was mesmorized by the marching band!

Terryn, Chandler, Cheney, & Deano enjoying the parade.

Terryn & Chandler can't wait until they get to be Mini Mat Cheerleaders.

The Burning "M"

Deano singing the school song.

Chandler & MeMe showing their school spirit

It doesn't matter if we are winning or losing, Cheney is STILL proud to be a MATADOR!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homecoming Week-Part I

It is Homecoming Week at Seguin High School. Unfortunately, our football team isn't doing so good & spirit is a little low. This year's theme is Black & Gold Attack! Cheney has enjoyed the "Theme Days" that we have at SHS. All of the dress up days have revolved around SUPERHEROS. Here are a couple of pictures from the past two days. I will post more after the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally tomorrow night so check back later for more!!

Tuesday was "Be Like The Hulk & Wear Green."

We tried to be Twins! This is me with one of my students, Colton! Cheney & Billy both wore orange shirts and khaki shorts too!!


Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am always hearing how Cheney looks so much like his Daddy! I think he acts like him too!! One of Billy's high school buddies was Trevor. Trevor has 3 sons and one of them is in the 1st grade at Jefferson (Cheney's school). Cheney thinks that Hayden is the coolest guy on campus. He loves it when he sees Hayden in the hallway and they can HIGH 5 each other. We didn't have a football game this week and decided that we would go cheer our volleyball team on. They have been having a winning season for the 1st time in many years. Hayden and his family were at the game and Cheney was so excited. He and Hayden played around the entire game. I took these pictures and I thought that it was Billy and Trevor's Mini-Me. These two boys look sooooo much like their fathers!! Hopefully, they will continue to be good buddies for their entire school career-just like their fathers were!

Soccer Season - Game #2

It was week #2 in soccer season. We played against a team that was coached by one of Billy's former high school classmates. Billy REALLY wanted the Monkeys to win!! We don't know if we won because we really don't keep score. After the game was over, I asked Cheney if he scored any goals and he said "Yes, I think I scored 2." Then I asked him if he had fun. He said "YES!!"

Ok Mom, these 9:00 games are REALLY early for me!

Kieran, Cheney, and Annabelle waiting for the other team members to arrive.

Dylan, Cheney, and Annabelle attempting to score a goal

Dylan & Cheney trying to get to the ball before Graham & Grayson (Cheney went to preschool with both boys from the other team)

Yes, most of the time we are concentrating on the ball, but we still get "zoned" out and forget about the game!! At least, I can't call Cheney "dig in the dirt Joey!" Uncle Jeff, do you remember him??

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just Hanging Out

On Saturday afternoon after all the work was done, we headed over to MeMe & Pop's house to play in the pool & hang out. Everyone was tired after a long week at school & work. Mrs. Darla wanted to cook dinner for everyone-we didn't mind. She made King Ranch Chicken & it was YUMMY!! Thanks for feeding us!! Here are some pictures from the afternoon/evening.

Terryn & Cheney
Is it just me or is Terryn trying to look REALLY innocent?

Chandler eating watermelon

She decided to lay down by the pool!

Yes, she is VERY lazy, but she LOVES to eat!

Terryn decided that it looked like fun so she joined her

Terryn, Cheney & Deano were horsing around in the pool. The little boy up the street came down to play with Cheney & Deano. He is in 1st grade.

Mr. Dean showing off on the motorcycle

Mrs. Darla won't let Mr. Dean get a REAL motorcycle so he has to settle for the little bike!!

Cheney is SERIOUS about riding. Notice-he is riding WITHOUT his training wheels! This was the 1st time that he has been able to stay up for an extended period of time. He did fall over a couple of times, but after lots of practice he was able to ride all over the yard-even on the hill!!

WAY TO GO CHENEY!! You are growing up so fast, Mommy doesn't know what she is going to do with you!! I am going to miss my little boy!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cheney's Soccer Debut!!

After several weeks of practice and anticipation, soccer season FINALLY started today. Cheney had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. Billy and Travis are coaching his team. Unfortunately, I had to administer the ACT Test and could not make it. Thanks, Uncle Mitch, for taking the great pictures of the game. We don't know who won-we know they had FUN! By the way, Coach Billy let the kids pick their team name-they decided they wanted to be called the MONKEYS!! It fits, doesn't it?

Coach Billy

Cheney going for the challenge!

Granny Vanette and Kase came to watch the game

Looking cute!

Getting ready to kick-off. I used the babysit the referee (in yellow)-he was still in diapers and I just graduated from high school. Now, he is in MY CLASS at the high school! Good grief!!
Coach Travis says "Get the ball. Over there!"

Cheney playing goalie!

Cheney (#5) celebrating because his team scored a GOAL!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Many of you know that Billy became the proud owner of a 1960 Corvette Convertible this summer. You also know that we closed in our garage and made the "hang-out" room before Chandler was born. So, we have to build a garage to keep the Corvette in at home. Billy decided we would add on to our existing shed so last week they poured the concrete for the new part. This week they started demolishing the existing shed. By "they" I mean, Billy, Cheney, and a friend that Billy hired to help. Clarence thought that Cheney was a very HARD WORKER-I can't figure out why he doesn't work so hard when it is time to clean his room. Cheney thought it was great fun to knock things down! Unfortunately (or fortunately-depends on how you see it) the shed was pretty unstable when they started taking it apart and it pretty much fell down this afternoon. Cheney thought it was awesome! I am sure that we will send more pics of the progress.

This is the HUGE mountain of dirt that was created when the guys leveled the land for the new slab. Cheney was determined to move it one shovel load at a time!

This is the new slab.

Billy decided that it was easier to move the dirt with machinery and NOT shovels!

Partially dismantled

The shell of the old building

Cheney was VERY proud of the pile that he made with a rubber mallet that he took a picture of it!

The shed was starting to lean

It fell!

Cheney surveying the damage-AWESOME!!