Thursday, September 27, 2007

Homecoming Week-Part II

In addition to Homecoming Week, it is also "S" week in Kindergarten. Cheney got to wear CRAZY socks today. He had a great time! After school, we met MeMe, Pop, & Mrs. Tammy at Kirby's. From there we headed to the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally. Of course, Cheney had a blast. I don't think Chandler really knew what to think of all the excitement. She was definately ready to go home & get in bed. Billy is out of town-lucky duck got to go to Las Vegas.

Cheney showing off his Batman socks. He insisted on standing with his feet to the side so you could get the FULL effect.

Cheney & Deano played a game of football while they waited for the parade to start.

Chandler loves the "big girls." This is Kylie, Haylie, & Olga. They are great babysitters!

Chandler was mesmorized by the marching band!

Terryn, Chandler, Cheney, & Deano enjoying the parade.

Terryn & Chandler can't wait until they get to be Mini Mat Cheerleaders.

The Burning "M"

Deano singing the school song.

Chandler & MeMe showing their school spirit

It doesn't matter if we are winning or losing, Cheney is STILL proud to be a MATADOR!!


Tammy said...

Go Mats Go!!! Thanks for letting me tag along tonight guys!

MeMe said...

Glad that the Stephenson children are such Matador fans. If only all Seguin kids could get excited!!
Does everyone know when/how the burning "M" got it's start? Good quiz question. Might get some interesting answers.

Gram said...

GOOOO MATADORS! Even when we are losing, there are some great supporters! Thanks, Cheney & Chandler for cheering the Mats on!

Kerry Weir said...

Ms. Chandler-You look adorable in your polka-dot dress. What a lucky girl you are to have a MeMe who loves you so!

Cheney-You are 100% Matador!

We miss you both.