Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's....SUPERMAT!!

I know, I know, it's a dorky title! Let me explain-my 4th period students participated in the Homecoming door decorating contest. After brainstorming some ideas, they asked me what I thought. I mentioned something like "Why don't you make a Superman character look like a Matador and he can carry the ball to victory?" They told me that was a GREAT idea but no one could draw that well! I reminded Heather that her mom, Tammy, could make a SUPERMAT on the computer and print it out at church on the fancy copier. So, Supermat was created!! After working several afternoons after school (THANKS ANNETTE & CHRIS-YOU GUYS ROCK!!), we WON THE CONTEST!! I have been teaching at SHS for 10 years and always participate in the door decorating contest and have never won-never even gotten runner-up before. My kids are so excited!! Their prize is a pizza party hosted by the Student Council.
Now, the details about the game!
It was our 1st district game and it was an exciting game!!
The final score was 29-22!!
Go MATS Go!!!
This is my door. Thanks Tammy, you are awesome!!

Jeromy came home from college! Cheney was very excited to see him!!

MeMe made Chandler this cute dress for Homecoming!!

The cheerleaders threw out these cardboard helmets. Cheney had fun wearing two at once!!

Terryn posing for the camera. Chandler refused to be in the picture!!

I think this was the BEST part of the night. I took Deano & Cheney behind the field house. These are two of my former students. Brandon is #40 and Derek is #71. They really made the boys feel special, stinky but special!!

Thanks Brandon & Derek-you made it an AWESOME night for two little boys who are ready to be MATADORS next week!!


Tammy said...

You're welcome Lisa! I was glad to do it and Congratulations to your class on their pizza party! Go Mats Go!!!

MeMe said...

It brings tears to my eyes to see my two "baby" Matadors get so excited about being a part of the team.
Chandler was trying to high-kick with the Star Steppers--direct the band--and lead the cheers.
Cheney wants to be a part of every athletic team.
It's a good day to be a Matador.

Gram said...

Congrats on the door competition! It is so great to look around the stands at our future Matadors. I remember when my girls were copying their "hero" Matadors. You go, Cheney. You go, Chandler.