Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chandler goes to swimming lessons!!

Between all the rain, Chandler has been trying to get some swimming lessons. Most of you already know that Chandler is a great swimmer. She is jumping off the side of the pool and swims underwater by herself. But, we thought that she could benefit from a little instruction from a professional. We found out that Chandler swims better than anybody in her class and she is the youngest one there. I am so thankful that she is not kicking and screaming like some of the other children when it is time to go under the water. Our biggest problem is getting her to do what the teacher wants her to do. She is VERY opinionated and wants to do things her way! I wonder where she gets that from-must be her Daddy!!!!

Swimming towards the mat of toys

She has to pick out the toy she wants-this is a big deal because she has to make a decision. For some reason she has a hard time with this-I wonder where she gets that characteristic also?? I never have a hard time making a decision!!!!

We picked out a rubber ducky-we go back on our back kicking our legs

Getting ready to jump off the underwater chair

She loves coming out of the water

Peek A Boo! I see you!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New York City 2007 - Day 5

Well, it's our last day in the Big Apple. We have had so much fun!! Today, we set out to visit Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry. They live in Queens, New York. It was about a 30 minute subway ride. After we ate breakfast with them, we strolled around their neighborhood. It is called Forest Hills and is a very neat, classic neighborhood. After that, we headed back to the city to do a little more shopping. We bought tickets to go to the "Top Of The Rock." It is an observation deck on the top of Rockefeller Center-where the NBC studios are located. It is 86 floors up. We got GREAT New York City skyline pictures. The lines were short-I would recommend it over going to the top of the Empire State building. The line there can be very long!! We had a great trip, but were glad to get home. We missed Chandler a bunch, but I don't think she missed us as much. We also missed HUGE glasses of iced tea!!

Waiting on the "E" train to take us to Forest Hills, Queens, New York

Is it coming yet?

Cheney on "Top of the Rock"

The beautiful views of New York City skyline. The weather was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice the green space-that is Central Park

This strange man was set up in front of a Starbucks-surfing the internet in his car. Yes, he has flower arrangements around him and a HUGE printer. There are definitely some interesting (or should I saw weird!?) sites in New York City.

The Ed Sullivan theatre-The Late Show with David Letterman is filmed here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

New York City 2007 - Day 4

Cheney was very excited about today. He FINALLY got to see his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kerry. It wasn't very hard to wake him up!! The weather was absolutely beautiful. We visited the American Museum of Natural History-they have a great dinosaur exhibit. Also, this is the museum where the movie "Night at the Museum" takes place. I know that I recognized some of the things from the movie, but I am not sure that Cheney did. After we went to the museum, we went to Central Park. Central Park is amazing! We walked around (A LOT!!). Cheney and I rode the carousel. Then we went to dinner. Cheney had a great time playing around with Jeff & Kerry. You all know Billy-he takes tons of scenery pictures. I included a few for you to look at-I think there are several hundred. So, if you want to see more, just let me know!!!!

Sheep Meadow at Central Park-there were people everywhere enjoying the sunshine!!

Skyline from the center of Central Park

Nightime view of Times Square-it is ALWAYS packed with people

Cheney riding the carousel

The carousel-NY children can have their birthday party there. It seemed to be the place that families with young children hung out.

Cheney looking cute!!

Sitting on the steps of the Museum of Natural History with Jeff and Kerry

Cheney loving on Jeff & Kerry-MeMe sent him with instructions for giving out hugs and kisses from her!!

Jeff & Cheney standing on the big rocks in Central Park

Family Picture-minus Chandler, we missed her soooooo much!!!!!

Sliding down the rocks at Central Park

Friday, July 20, 2007

New York City 2007 - Day 3

Today, we set out to see the Statue of Liberty. We did a little research online and found out that we better get there early because the crowds can be big. When they said "big crowds" they weren't joking. The ferry was PACKED! Unfortunately, we didn't get there until 9:30 am and the tickets were sold out to get into the pedestal of the Statue. Lesson learned: buy tickets on-line before your trip. After our visit to the Statue of Liberty, we visited the South Street Seaport. The weather was beautiful-we had a great time there!! Then, we went to the New York Police Museum. This museum was so cool-it is free and the exhibits were excellent. After that, we ate dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner. The waiters and waitresses all sing and dance while they are delivering your food.

Eating a banana on the street-heading to the subway

Waiting in line to go through security to get on the ferry to go to Liberty Island.

Cheney in front of the Statue of Liberty

Locked in the jail cell at the NYPD museum

Is this what a prisoner feels like?

Getting booked

Cheney in front of the Brooklyn Bridge at the South Street Seaport

Waiting to get on the subway

The Hershey Store in Times Square

Visiting the M&M's store-it is so cool!!! M&M's EVERYWHERE!!!!

This is the screen over the M&M Store. It plays commercials all day long.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New York City 2007 - Day 2

Today, we got up and headed out to Coney Island. It was about an hour ride by subway. The weather was not so great-really windy and overcast. We had a great time anyway. The water is VERY cold-not at all what we are used to. We visited several famous NYC sites. Billy and I estimate that we walked more than 8 miles today!!!

Headed out to the subway-this is the way we traveled around NYC. Cheney had a great time riding in the stroller, his feet didn't get tired, but ours sure did.

Looking out at Brighton Beach

Playing in the surf-he didn't get very deep cuz it was COLD!!!

Making a sand angel

Playing around in the sand

Washing off at the public bathhouse

Buying hot dogs at the famous Nathan's Hot Dogs
Eating hot dogs-Cheney declared these the BEST HOT DOGS he has ever eaten!!

Billy and Cheney resting after eating hot dogs

The lunch crowd was huge at Nathan's

The Wonder Wheel is almost 100 years old!

Cheney was REALLY excited to ride this ferris wheel, but Mom was REALLY nervous!!

Buying ice cream and cotton candy on the boardwalk at Coney Island

Eating ice cream

Unfortunately, Cheney was still too short to ride the Cyclone Rollercoaster. Uncle Jeff said that is a good thing because it is very painful.

Cheney did ride the "Freefall" at Astroland.

After Coney Island, we headed over to Chinatown to do some shopping. Mommy needed a new purse and some sunglasses. This is the door of the firestation in Chinatown.

Lisa and Cheney discussing where they wanted to eat dinner.
On day 3, we are visiting the Statue Of Liberty. Check back for updates.