Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

This morning started out slightly interesting.....I was afraid this might be the only picture I would get of Chandler dressed in her costume. You see, she has had a cough & runny nose for a while now. This morning, while getting dressed for school, she coughed so hard she threw up. I just figured it was a one time thing so we continued our normal routine.
At daycare, the kids are allowed to wear their costumes & they have a party. At elementary school, they have a CRAZY HAT DAY!! Cheney wore his moose ears!!

After taking this picture, we loaded up in the cars & I headed to the Donut Palace to pick up sausage rolls for Chandler's party. Apparently, Cheney had convinced his Daddy to go there too. So, we all stood in a loooong line together. I was going to be late for school so I put Chandler in Daddy's car & headed to school. Just as Cheney was getting out of the car, Chandler started throwing up again. wasn't a fluke. She wasn't going to school for her Halloween party. Luckily, she wasn't in my car!! Sorry Daddy!! Granny Vanette was available to keep her so Daddy took her there & went on to work. She was fine by this afternoon so we were able to resume our planned activities....except we skipped Matador football!!

Our first stop was FBC....they were having a Harvest Festival & we knew Grandma was there. We were glad to see Grandma.

Chandler & her Daddy!!

They had pony rides.....

As I was taking this picture, Chandler ALMOST slipped off the horse.....I seriously thought she was going to fall off!! Silly girl....put your tongue in your mouth!!

This is Chandler's friend, Keegan. He DID NOT like it when she touched him!!

After that, we headed over to the Methodist church for Trunk or Treat. We met up with some of our family members & friends there.

Karson & Cheney ALWAYS have a great time.....

Chandler & her Mommy!!

Kase was a cool football player.

At "Trunk or Treat," most cars were decorated. This suburban was full of HAND CARVED pumpkins!! They are not fake!! It was AMAZING!!

This is Madison (Cheney & Karson's 2nd cousin), Karson, & Cheney. Sweet kids!!

After we got home, the kids opened their Halloween gifts. Chandler was thrilled with her money from Granny Vanette!!

Cheney read all his own cards.....this is the one from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry. He is reading so well!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chandler's Date

Every year, the high school drama department puts on a Children's Show. The elementary kids get to go see it during the day. The show ends with a public showing. The show usually has a fairy tale theme. This year's show was "Jack & The Magic Beans." Cheney went to see it on Tuesday. Tonight, I had planned on taking Chandler, but I started feeling sick today. Ms. Tammy & Heather graciously agreed to take her for me. They said she was very good & only got a little afraid of the troll & giant.

Aunt Reva, IDK who that is, Heather, & Chandler

Chandler & Ms. Tammy
Thanks so much for taking Chandler!! She had a great time!! We are lucky to have friends like you!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Once again, the kids had a great time carving their pumpkin....I mean, supervising Daddy who carved their pumpkin.

Cheney thought the insides felt kinda neat!?

Chandler didn't like it at all!!

Yes, she took her shirt off....didn't want it to get dirty!!

Making sure that Daddy does it just right.

Finished product

Two happy kiddos!! Thanks Daddy!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Visit To The Pumpkin Patch

Billy took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch. I was getting my hair cut & colored this afternoon so it was a great outing for Daddy & the kids!! He takes WAY BETTER pics than me!!

What an ugly pumpkin!!

Chandler told me that this pumpkin was HEAVY!!

Granny Vanette happened to be there with Kase!!

MeMe was there too!!

Thanks for the trip to the Pumpkin Patch, Daddy!!
Stay tuned for Pumpkin Carving Pictures!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


We lost one of our family members today. Shelby James was only 3 1/2 & we don't know why she died. Cheney was broken-hearted when I told him. Losing a pet is always hard to explain to children.

Do They Fit?

Tonight, the kids decided that they should make sure their costumes fit!! It looks like they are READY!!

Both of my kids are hams!! They must take after their Daddy!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Summer's Over?

In March, we had an "Uncover The Pool" party. Today, we had to cover the pool. The past week we had some pretty cool weather, but today we were thinking that maybe we shouldn't cover it yet. When the work was done, Cheney had sweat & dirt running down this face. He said "Can I go swimming?" Sorry, Buddy, have to wait until next year!!

Chandler loves bubbles!!

Chasing bubbles....perfect weather!!

Covering it up

Cheney was a big help

Chandler helping her daddy

More bubble blowing

Cool Bubble Buddy!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Almost Over!

We have one more soccer game for the 2008 season. I think we are ready for it to be over....
I had to work this morning so MeMe took pictures for me!!
Thanks MeMe!!

Can you tell how dry it is here? We desperately need rain!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Growing Up

Cheney is growing up....he made his own PB & J today. YEAH!!
I told him he might have to stand on a stool. He rolled his eyes at me & said "Mom!" It looks like he could reach just fine.....

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I told you that Chandler has decided that she is a cheerleader. She got these pom poms at the game last night--THANKS HANNAH!! All day today, she carried them around. Watch the video....pause the music so you can hear her. It is funny!! My favorite part is the end....she says "That's it."

AWESOME soccer pics!!

Cheney had a soccer game and I took some pictures...but Tammy came and she took some pictures that are fantastic!! Check out her blog for pictures from today's game. Thanks for coming Tammy!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Homecoming Game

Tonight was Homecoming at Seguin High School. My students and I discussed how many Homecomings I have been a part of.....let's see....I went to high school there for 4 years & never missed a game. After graduating, I frequently came home from college to watch Uncle Jeff play. Then, 4 years later....I am a teacher & go to most every game. This is my 12th school year!! Man, that is A LOT of Matador football!! Cheney & Chandler both rarely miss a game. I used to joke that Cheney should have good rhythm. I was pregnant with him & the drill team sponsor. He kept the beat every Friday night for the entire football season while in my tummy!!

Chandler has discovered the cheerleaders!! Tonight, they gave her some pom poms....SHE.IS.IN.HEAVEN!!

Once again, her hero, Ansley, took her on the track. She LOVES Ansley!!

Cheney fell asleep before we went home....the game was THAT EXCITING!!

We lost again....oh well, Matador fight never dies....we will be back next week!!