Sunday, October 5, 2008

County Fair Parade

The Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo starts this week. The celebration was kicked off with a parade this afternoon. We decided we should check it out....small towns are so much fun because when you see everyone you know!!

Ready to watch...

They quickly got bored....this is what happens when your 6 year old steals your camera!!

The following pictures were taken by Cheney. He took tons of pictures, but I picked out the best ones.

The girl carrying the American flag is our niece, Konni. She is a junior this year & I just can't believe that she is all grown up. As she was walking, I heard her tell the other girls...."see my cousin over there. isn't she just beautiful?" She was talking about Chandler!! Konni, you are beautiful too!! Uncle Billy & I are proud of you!

Chandler is talking up a storm now. She sat by Daddy the whole time...until the fire truck sirens scared her!!

The next pictures are of the Fort Hood Mounted Cavalary. They were hootin' & hollerin' The emcee commented that they sure were cute soldiers!! They won "best entry" in the parade.

Cheney told Daddy that this is what he wanted to for Christmas!!

I have been to many South Texas parades & we have NEVER seen this HEB float. It was sooo cool!! Our HEB workers were riding in it....I want to ride in it!!

This guy is always in our parades...

One of my students, Hiliary.

This is Molly. She yelled "Hi Cheney." He got sooo embarrassed!! I told him that it was good if pretty girls yelled at him!


Tammy said...

It was odd to not go to the parade this year! I opted to head to Schertz to watch our band perform in their contest. Was it weird watching a parade without the band performing??

MeMe said...

Looks like I missed a really cool parade. Glad you had a good time.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

I think you should ELBORATE to your readers... just WHY have you been to so many South Texas parades? Can you explain what the FOXX hotel is?

Kristen said...

Tell Cheney, for the record, I want one of those boats too!!

Love the shopping cart float. That is Waaayy cool!

And why have you been to so many parades?? It does look like fun, and I might be somewhat jealous of the great weather. It is FREEZING here! :)

Krystyn said...

How fun. I love the HEB float!

MeMe said...

Oh, Thatcher's Mom, I think you should save the Fox Motel story for Thatcher someday. I am sure he will get a huge kick out of it. I hadn't thought about it in ages. But all of those parades were fun!!

Gram said...

Isn't it great to live in "Small Town" Texas?