Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

This morning started out slightly interesting.....I was afraid this might be the only picture I would get of Chandler dressed in her costume. You see, she has had a cough & runny nose for a while now. This morning, while getting dressed for school, she coughed so hard she threw up. I just figured it was a one time thing so we continued our normal routine.
At daycare, the kids are allowed to wear their costumes & they have a party. At elementary school, they have a CRAZY HAT DAY!! Cheney wore his moose ears!!

After taking this picture, we loaded up in the cars & I headed to the Donut Palace to pick up sausage rolls for Chandler's party. Apparently, Cheney had convinced his Daddy to go there too. So, we all stood in a loooong line together. I was going to be late for school so I put Chandler in Daddy's car & headed to school. Just as Cheney was getting out of the car, Chandler started throwing up again. wasn't a fluke. She wasn't going to school for her Halloween party. Luckily, she wasn't in my car!! Sorry Daddy!! Granny Vanette was available to keep her so Daddy took her there & went on to work. She was fine by this afternoon so we were able to resume our planned activities....except we skipped Matador football!!

Our first stop was FBC....they were having a Harvest Festival & we knew Grandma was there. We were glad to see Grandma.

Chandler & her Daddy!!

They had pony rides.....

As I was taking this picture, Chandler ALMOST slipped off the horse.....I seriously thought she was going to fall off!! Silly girl....put your tongue in your mouth!!

This is Chandler's friend, Keegan. He DID NOT like it when she touched him!!

After that, we headed over to the Methodist church for Trunk or Treat. We met up with some of our family members & friends there.

Karson & Cheney ALWAYS have a great time.....

Chandler & her Mommy!!

Kase was a cool football player.

At "Trunk or Treat," most cars were decorated. This suburban was full of HAND CARVED pumpkins!! They are not fake!! It was AMAZING!!

This is Madison (Cheney & Karson's 2nd cousin), Karson, & Cheney. Sweet kids!!

After we got home, the kids opened their Halloween gifts. Chandler was thrilled with her money from Granny Vanette!!

Cheney read all his own cards.....this is the one from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry. He is reading so well!!


Thatcher's Mommy said...

Glad yall had fun. I waited for you to ring my doorbell all night so I could see your costumes in person.... :)

Gram said...

You both look so great! I am glad that you got to resume the normal activities for Halloween.

MeMe said...

Glad you got to trick or treat. Hopefully it was more treats than tricks. I missed you at the ball game.

Thiên said...

I loved seeing all the things you did Lisa! The kids are ADORABLE!!

Tammy said...

I'm so glad Chandler felt better and could go trunk or treating! We missed you all at the ball game though. Feel better soon, Lisa!

Kristen said...

Hope Chandler is feeling much better! So sorry to hear it was a rough start to the day. Poor thing.

Both kids are so cute in their costumes, and that trunk of pumpkins is amazing!!