Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just What I Needed

My friend, Marla, over at Pak Adventures sent me some bloggy love today! Thanks Marla!!

But to get this award, I have to do something...

6 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Hearing my children laugh.

2. The 1st hug in the morning from Chandler.

3. Watching Cheney grow into a handsome young man.

4. The beach.

5. Helping my high schoolers grow into mature young adults.

6. Riding in the Corvette with Billy when the top is off.

Now, I have to pass this on to six others:

1. Jessica at This, That, & My Blog

2. Tammy at Photography For Fun

3. Jocelyn at Who Needs Ink and Paper?

4. Kristen at Loving Our Simple Life

5. Thein at Seguin (TX) Photo Blog

6. Wendi at Because I Said So!

Go visit all these blogs and comment. They are all fantastic sites and I read them each day!!


Thiên said...

Thanks you Lisa!! You are so sweet! I've enjoyed catching up on all my favorite blogs and especially reading about your family.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks! I read yours almost every day too!

Jessica Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much! You would not believe how excited I was to see this -- so thoughtful!

Kristen said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

You know that you are one of my favorites! :)

Hope you are settling back into "life". And congrats on your GRE!!! Woo hooo!!

Tammy said...

Thanks Lisa! I'll be passing it along later tonight....after the homecoming garter is complete....

Marla said...

love driving with the top down...

Wendi said...

Lisa, Sorry I have not been by sooner.
My internet has been acting up all day.

Thanks so much.
I am so honored.
What is it about a virtual award that gets me all giddy?
Love the six things that make you happy!

Anonymous said...

whose top is off???