Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yea, I Know....More Football

Can you tell we love Matador Football?

Chandler has learned some of the cheers & knows the end of the fight song!! She loves it. When I take her to school each morning, she sees the stadium & asks "football today?" If I say no, she says "awww..." If I say yes, she says "YAY!" and does a little dance.

We played the Alamo Heights Mules--and we lost AGAIN!! Oh well, if you know this family well, then you know we have been supporting Matador athletics no matter if we win or lose....we will still be there cheering them on!!

There was construction around the stadium so Alamo Heights had a shuttle service from a church parking lot. Riding the bus thrilled Chandler....

Look closely...she is sitting on a stadium chair in Aunt Reva's lap....I think this was her Uncle Mitch's idea....SILLY!!
Once again, awesome Ansley took Chandler onto the field. Ansley is holding Chandler & the other girl next to her is another one of my students, Katie. She is a flag runner. #45 is one of my former students, Jacob. Jacob is such a sweet boy, he comes by my room almost everyday to chat about football. He wants to go to Baylor so we talk about that too--Uncle Jeff, he knows there are pretty girls at Baylor!! HAHA And he has heard of George's!! I think he is ready to be a Baylor Bear!!


Gram said...

Go Matadors! Fight, Fight, Fight!

MeMe said...

We love Matadors in our family!! Glad Cheney and Chandler agree.