Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chandler's Date

Every year, the high school drama department puts on a Children's Show. The elementary kids get to go see it during the day. The show ends with a public showing. The show usually has a fairy tale theme. This year's show was "Jack & The Magic Beans." Cheney went to see it on Tuesday. Tonight, I had planned on taking Chandler, but I started feeling sick today. Ms. Tammy & Heather graciously agreed to take her for me. They said she was very good & only got a little afraid of the troll & giant.

Aunt Reva, IDK who that is, Heather, & Chandler

Chandler & Ms. Tammy
Thanks so much for taking Chandler!! She had a great time!! We are lucky to have friends like you!!


Tammy said...

The creature between Reva and Heather is Ryan as the Troll. He was awesome...even though he did frighten poor Chandler. We sure had fun spending the evening with Chandler and Reva. Wish you could have been there. Feel better soon!

Krystyn said...

Looks like a great time!

Your kids always got to some fun events/activities!

MeMe said...

Wish I could have gone along. Looks like Chandler had fun--where are the pics of her crying out of fear of the troll and giant???

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Chandler, Aunt Reva told me you were just SHAKING when the Giant came out! Mean ol' Giant... I hope you liked the happy ending, though.

Gram said...

Yes, Chandler, the giant was a little scarey. You seemed to really enjoy most of the show, though. I was amazed at how much you watched and understood the play. The HS did another wonderful job on the performance. Thanks for sharing your date night with me.