Friday, October 3, 2008

Matador Pep Rally

My kids are so lucky!! They get to do some fun stuff....
Today, we had a pep rally & I told Chandler I would pick her up to go to it. Cheney used to get to go so I figured it was her turn. Luckily, I have 7th period off & the day care is around the corner from the school.

Ansley convinced her 8th period teacher to let her hang out with Chandler while I taught class. They ate M&M's the entire time!!

Chandler was a little skeptical of the Matador. The Matador is in MeMe's class this year.

Ansley, Chandler, & Katie.

Ansley & Katie are two of my favorite former students....they know that I always have food/candy in the HIDDEN drawer & frequently stop by my room for a snack!!


MeMe said...

Yes, Cheney and Chandler are indeed two very lucky and special kids. They have so many people looking out for them and taking time to spend with them. Of course, they are certainly deserving of the attention.

Tammy said...

We'll get Chandler to warm up to Pepe! Gotta love the Matador!!!

Gram said...

Chandler, the Matador is one of my friends! Don't be afraid of him. Lucky girl to get to spend so much time just hanging out.