Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Official! They are beach bums!

Monday morning, we set out on an adventure!! We were going to drive to Port Aransas and spend 2 nights with Granny 'Nette. She is camping down at the coast for several weeks. We rarely go on car trips so the kids were EXCITED!!

This picture was taken as we pulled out of the driveway...

And here we are several hours later...waiting on the ferry...still smiling!

We saw dolphins!!

As soon as we got there, we put our bathing suits on. Chandler is waiting for Cheney & Granny 'Nette to come back with the golf cart.

All loaded up...ready for the beach!!

This is my FAVORITE picture of the whole time...this was her expression when the water hit her for the 1st time!

Amazingly, Cheney got in & immediately found a sand dollar!! He found several more the 1st day...COOL!!

Making sandcastles

Chandler LOVED the sand...

You always have to bury someone in the sand at the beach!


Taking a break

Can you tell what I did for the past two days??

Chandler wanted to be buried too. But she couldn't be still enough...

Beach Babes!!

This is what happens when your 6 year old takes the camera!!

Chandler posed too for Bubba!

Going out to boogie board

Coming back in. He decided it is a lot of work.

We visited the jetties. Chandler & Granny 'Nette were holding hands & walking...

BEACH BUMS looking cool!

Cheney ran ahead of us & then sat down to wait...looking cool!

Granny 'Nette ended up carrying was a loooooong way to the end!

We finally made it to the end.

Cheney was at the VERY END...stressing his mama out!!

The sun was going down as we walked back...

No trip to Port A is complete without a visit to the shark!!

THANKS GRANNY 'NETTE FOR ALLOWING US TO STAY WITH YOU!! Cheney & Chandler have decided that camping is for them!!

Finger Lickin' Good

Recently, Cheney got to pick the place for lunch after church. He picked the Chinese is his FAVORITE because they have HOT WINGS!!

I bet you can't tell how much he likes them!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday Fun

Chandler LOVES to go to "chuch!" She has a blast playing with her friends...I am so glad that she loves to be there because she is there A LOT!! Seeing her go running down the hall to find "Ms Caol" just melts my heart!!

It is funny to see little ones play with a box. Chandler & Ashley were "hiding." Remember, Chandler loves to hide.

They were found with smiles on their faces!!

Walking on "stilts" is so much fun. According to MeMe (she happened to be the nursery volunteer this Sunday!), they both did an AWESOME job!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kid's Bathroom Repaint

Last month, I posted about painting the kid's bathroom green. So, we finally finished it. I really like it. It is hard to decorate a bathroom for both a boy & a girl. I didn't want a PLAIN bathroom. I wanted something cute, but classy.

Chandler's towel is pink & Cheney's towel is khaki.
Now, we have to add "stuff"--pictures & things...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Early Morning Ski Run

We have always known that the best time to get out for some smooth skiing is EARLY on Saturday is just hard to get up that early!! We like to sleep in!! But today we decided that we would--Cheney needed some time without a lot of boats & waves so that he could work on his skills. So, we got to the river at 9 am this morning...Cheney immediately got up, but it took several tries before he stayed up...

This is the longest ski run he has ever made!! WAY TO GO CHENEY!!

Then, he tried a trick...skiing with one didn't work out so good!! Oh well...good try anyway!!

This is for Deano!! He has gotten so good...skiied up & down the river!! GO DEANO!!

Here are some pictures from the rest of the morning on the river. I have decided being on the river in the morning is FUN!! We get our day started, had some fun, & now EVERYONE is at home taking a nap (except of course-ME!!)

Terryn & Chandler love to ride in the boat!!

Getting ready for a tube ride!!

The boys have fun no matter where they are...with all that skiing, I know they will sleep soundly tonight!!

Daddy is great boat driver & a great skier!! Thanks for getting up earlier than us to get the boat ready!! WE LOVE YOU!!

I RARELY post pictures on my blog of me!! I HATE pictures!! Yes, I know my hair looks awful & I am not wearing makeup....BUT I had been riding in the boat for a couple of hours & WHO WEARS MAKEUP TO THE RIVER?? Not Me!!

We had a such a great morning...I wish we could start our day off on the river every day...

An Artist At Work

Chandler loves to paint!!

When she was finished, there was just as much paint on her hands and tummy as there was on her paper!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

ZDT again!!

Today, we met Micayla & Justin at ZDT. Micayla & Cheney have been friends since they were babies...always went to the same daycare & preschool until this year when they had to go to different elementary schools. Cheney & Micayla haven't gotten together since Cheney's birthday party in March. Shame on their Mommies!! They always have a great time together. We ended up staying at ZDT for over 5 hours!! Mommy & Mrs. Cathy had a great time catching up & so did the kids!!

Cheney & Micayla have both grown TONS in the past year!! I think it is funny they both showed up in MATADOR t-shirts!! We are ready for some football!!

Who Does Cheney Look Like?

Everyone is wrong though!! They say that Cheney looks more like his Daddy than his Mommy!! I tried several different pictures & the result came out the same every time!! Now, if we could find a tool to analyze who Cheney acts more like?? We would find that he acts JUST LIKE HIS DADDY!!!!!

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Find ancestors - Family tree graphs