Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Love Green!

Since we moved in this house almost 11 years ago (yes, it has been 11 years in July!!), I haven't really done much with the bathroom upstairs. We picked out a shower curtain last that worked for both a boy & a girl. We picked out & BOUGHT the paint last summer--it has been sitting in the utility room all year. But tonight, the paint was opened!! The kids & I LOVE the color. Daddy says, "It will have to grow on me."

Cheney eagerly paints...for a whole 15 minutes. After that, he plops himself on the couch & says "Mom, I am pretty lazy, aren't I?"

Chandler intently watches Daddy.


MeMe said...

I like this color. I just don't want it next to the "boy's" bathroom downstairs--might not be a good combination. Where is Chandler's paintbrush?? She loves to paint--especially her hands. That would have been a good "decorator" piece of art--her handprints framed on the wall.

Krystyn said...

Love the green! We have 3 green rooms in our house; kitchen, Izzy's room, and guest bathroom!

Kristen said...

I think your bathroom looks like so much fun!! WoW! Will you put up a picture of the finished project for us??

And hey, you are one brave Mama. Our kids don't get to "help" me. I prefer to tackle these kinds of jobs without our "helpers" :)

Kudos to you!!