Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Exactly Do We Do All Day?

School is out....Mommy doesn't have to go to work--YEA!! This is pretty much where you can find us!!
We are having a great time and are getting good tans!!

Right after this picture was taken, Cheney dumped Chandler & Mommy right out.

But, we came up smiling!!

This is Cheney...waiting & hiding to make his sister angry...probably just by touching her!

Mommy & Cheney were having handstand contests. This is Chandler trying to do her own handstand.

Ashtyn came over for a while...we had fun teaching her how to be VERY BRAVE!!


Kristen said...

Seriously we are kindred spirits!

I too am 33.

I too taught High School (history).

I too can not give up my little girl being a baby. Tonight her dresser sold, and I almost cried. Seriously, this is rediculous!

I am so jealous of the pool time. It looks like so much fun! And can I just say, you look fabulous, and super tan! :)

Enjoy these moments!

MeMe said...

I am so glad that you guys enjoy the water so much. What fun we have on these lazy summer days.

Gram said...

Thanks for sharing some of your pool time with me. You two are so much fun to play with.

Krystyn said...

Super, duper jealous! You are one hot, tanned momma! And, you've got some good looking kids, too!