Monday, June 23, 2008

Ashtyn came to visit

Ashtyn came to visit this past week. I am so glad that the kids are getting to know their family. Ashtyn is a little more than 1 year younger than Chandler. The girls had a great time playing together!!

Laura & Ashtyn

Chandler, Aunt Reva (Gram), & Ashtyn...Chandler had a little trouble because she is usually the center of attention. When Ashtyn or Thatcher are here, then Chandler has to share the spotlight...hard for a 2 year old to understand.

Two sweet cousins...

After all that swimming, they were exhausted. Thanks for the pallet, MeMe!

Ashtyn looks a lot like her Mommy in this picture

It is fun to stick our tongues out & copy each other!


Kristen said...

How cute are those girls together?

They are just going to be the best of buds growing up.

And the girls with their tongues out are just adorable!!

MeMe said...

Cousins are such fun. I am so excited that the girls are close in age. They will have fun together. Cheney and Thatcher will probably ALWAYS be spoiling their fun.

Gram said...

Chandler, thanks for sharing the pool with Ashtyn. I think you helped her be a lot more daring! I really enjoyed playing with both of you in the pool and just hanging out.