Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dusty's Wedding

Daddy's cousin, Dusty, got married today. The wedding was at Papa Jim's river lot.

Chandler immediately climbed into Aunt Bonnie's lap. Bonnie was so tickled that Chandler paid this much attention to her...they were cute!

Karson & Cheney-I can't believe that Karson will be 7 next week! Where does time go? I still remember hanging out in the waiting room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 1st nephew!

The Stephenson grandkids. I wish I would have thought to have Cheney & Karson change seats, then they would be in birth order. Cheney is 6, Karson is almost 7, Kase will be 3 in October, and Chandler turned 2 in February. They love to play together!!

Granny 'Nette loves to SPOIL Chandler. She is her only granddaughter, you know!! After eating this cupcake, Chandler had NO icing on her dress or her face...WAY TO GO!! I have to say that eventually the white dress came off & she was running around in her panties only...

These 4 girls played together. The girl behind Chandler is Riley and the girl in the pink dress is Madison. They are 2nd cousins.

Daddy & I took a picture together...I think we make a pretty cute couple!! The river was beautiful, but we really wanted to just jump in!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brazil Garage Sale

Our church had a garage sale today to raise money for the Brazil Mission Trip. Daddy, Pop, Uncle Mitch, & Aunt Reva are part of that team. There are a total of 9 people going in September. While the parents were selling their JUNK, the kids decided to have a lemonade stand to raise money too. They collected over $30!! WAY TO GO KIDS!! I was very impressed with their organization....they immediately divided up the jobs--someone was in charge of advertising, someone took money, someone was in charge of ice, etc. They actually were more organized than their Mommies & Daddies!!

Deano, Matthew, Bethany, Maggie, & Cheney

Today was a special day in the C& C household...we cut into our first watermelon....doesn't it look delicious?? I am so proud...

The kids took a break to enjoy Cheney's watermelon.

Chandler & Katie divided their time between helping the older kids & hanging out with Pop. Thanks Pop for watching over these two little girls. They look so cute eating their watermelon!

Chandler has started to HUG a is so sweet. She enjoys giving MeMe hugs!!

Outdoor Learning Center

This past week, Cheney went to day camp at the Outdoor Learning Center. While there, he got to go canoeing, fishing, hiking, and did science projects. It was a BLAST!! On Friday, the parents were invited to a cookout and closing ceremony.

Chandler missed Cheney each morning & was glad to join him for lunch!

The large group was divided into three smaller groups. This is Cheney's counselors, Ryan & Sarah. They are brother & sister...can you tell?

This is Patrick. He was in charge of recreation....Cheney adored him!! Apparently, he is a pretty good athlete & may end up playing football or basketball for a pro team. He is the summer intern at the Learning Center.

I am so glad that Cheney had a great time & enjoys being outside, learning about God's creations!! In his group, he won the biggest fish award....YEA CHENEY!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Grandma's Helpers

Grandma was out of town for a few days & Cheney volunteered to water her plants. I love it that he thinks it is cool to help out right now. He doesn't help out much at home though!! I think he likes to impress other people...

By the way, he thought it was dorky that I was taking pictures, but it was a beautiful evening & I liked the colors of the green grass against his red shirt!! Oh well, it isn't the last time he will think I am strange.

Even though we have had little rain, Grandma's yard is thick & green. You know how she is about watering...

Of course, Chandler couldn't wait to help.

I think this picture of Chandler is cute. She looks really grown up to me!


My little man is growing up!! Cheney has been wanting bunk beds for awhile now...he says he wants a bigger room...his room is HUGE!! Anyway, he got his wish tonight...

Chandler LOVES to help!! She stood between the door & the mattress for a while...she was "holding" the mattress for Daddy!!

While Daddy did this for a couple of hours...

...both kids did this for a couple of hours.

It is finished!! We don't have sheets yet though. Luckily, MeMe still had Uncle Jeff's sheets from his college days! If she didn't come to the rescue, Cheney would be sleeping on Mommy's pink sheets from college. No, we don't get rid of ANYTHING around never know when you will need it!!

Fast asleep in his new bed...he was so excited!! I thought he was never going to settle down. Daddy laughed because Cheney did some of the exact things he did when he first got his bunkbed--touched the ceiling with his feet, tried to jump off the top bunk, got on the bottom bunk & lifted the top mattress with his feet. Needless to say, we have a very happy little boy asleep in our house tonight!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Little Fishy

In March, I registered both kids for swimming lessons. Cheney started in the level where he ended last summer and Chandler would take the class for 6 month olds - 3 year olds. They don't let younger kids take the classes because of their attention span. After seeing what Chandler could already do this summer, I contacted the swim school owner & told her that I didn't think that the infant class was what Chandler needed. She suggested that we put her in a regular session or do some private lessons. Since Chandler has trouble focusing when others are around, I opted for private lessons. Her lessons were this week and she did a fabulous job!! I didn't expect any less....she is a fish, you know!!

Her teacher was Ashley--she was Cheney's teacher also! Chandler immediately warmed up to her and did what she asked!! They have this cool platform thing for the kids to stand on in the is a little bouncy and Chandler though it made a GREAT trampoline.

Swimming to Ashley

Practicing coming up for a breath

Listening to instructions


Poor thing!! She didn't want the lessons to end...
She made it to Level 2 and can do some skills on Level next year we will start there!! Most people can't believe that she turned 2 in February--MAKES MOMMY SO PROUD!!

Falling Out Of The Bed

Chandler will be moving into a "big girl" bed soon, so Daddy took one side off her crib the other night. This is where I found her a few hours later...I knew that it sounded like she fell out of bed, but she never cried so I didn't think anything of it. Later, I found out she just fell out of bed and went back to sleep...POOR BABY!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Can't Believe It!!

This is what I found when I walked into the playroom the other night!! I was under the impression that we were teaching the dogs to stay OFF the couch...when did I miss the change in plans?? Cheney & Chandler did not allow this to happen--they are sitting with Daddy!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


There is a local coffeehouse downtown and it has started staying open late several nights a week. We love to go get coffee-especially when we can walk there on summer nights. This past Sunday evening, we were outside playing around with the basketball & I asked Cheney if he wanted to go "get coffee ." Of course, he said yes BUT he wanted to drive the Corvette!! So, the three of us loaded up (Chandler had gone home with Pop so she could swim!)

Getting ready to leave

Daddy & Cheney played chess while they waited for our coffee to be ready.

We moved outside after the coffee arrived....I have to tell you though, Cheney & Daddy got milkshakes made with Bluebell ice cream!! It was such a nice night. We just sat on the sidewalk and watched traffic go by.

Cheney took a great picture of Mommy & Daddy

Cheney & Daddy were a little hyper after their milkshakes. When we got in the Corvette to go home, Daddy pealed out and Cheney was PUMPED!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ashtyn came to visit

Ashtyn came to visit this past week. I am so glad that the kids are getting to know their family. Ashtyn is a little more than 1 year younger than Chandler. The girls had a great time playing together!!

Laura & Ashtyn

Chandler, Aunt Reva (Gram), & Ashtyn...Chandler had a little trouble because she is usually the center of attention. When Ashtyn or Thatcher are here, then Chandler has to share the spotlight...hard for a 2 year old to understand.

Two sweet cousins...

After all that swimming, they were exhausted. Thanks for the pallet, MeMe!

Ashtyn looks a lot like her Mommy in this picture

It is fun to stick our tongues out & copy each other!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anything to get out of a bath...

Cheney & Chandler spent the other night at MeMe & Pop's house....yes, they do this A LOT!! They LOVE to be there!! Pop told Cheney it was time for a bath & then Cheney disappeared. He was found with his sister in the dryer...they even took a flashlight with them so they could see. After the initial fun of hiding & then being found, MeMe had to tell Cheney how dangerous it was to hide in the dryer AND shut the door!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It was an absolutely AWESOME afternoon!! Check out how far Cheney was able to ski!! YEA Cheney!! I knew it wouldn't be long before you made it past the bridge!!

Chandler & Terryn finally rode in the tube!! There mouths were open the entire time...I think it was screaming in pleasure, but there were times I thought they were scared...WOW!! These kids are growing up fast!!

Sunny Saturday Fun

It is Saturday & we did the usual...headed to the river!! It was pretty hot at first & then it got overcast...but we had a great time anyway!!

Chandler & Mommy riding in the inner tube...this was her 1st time to ride! I was trying to get her to put her hands up the whole time & she did at the end...FINALLY!!

You can just barely see Chandler's head, but she & Terryn had a great time...check out the video.

Kylie & her friend, Jessica, had fun skiing double

After a bunch of skiing, the girls hung out on the boat. Aren't they cute?

Sweet picture of Terryn, but it looks like she is going to get in trouble soon!

Terryn & Chandler getting ready to jump off the dock

I LOVE this picture of Cheney & Deano!

Sweet girls!! This is what summer is all about--great friends & great fun!!