Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Like Bubba

Daddy brought Chandler a soccer uniform from Brazil so she could be "just like Bubba." She looks so cute when she wears it!!

Daddy ROCKS!!

Starting Young

Lately, Chandler has been wanting to write checks like Mommy. At the football game, she worked intently on writing $100 checks. Thanks Tammy for the great pics!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Walking Alpacas??

After the motorcycle wreck, the kids decided that they would take Rocket & Toby on a walk. I am sure they were an interesting sight....have you ever seen an Alpaca walking down the road on a leash??

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cheney Vs. The Tree

Cheney & Chandler are spending the afternoon/night at MeMe & Pop's house. Cheney has been BEGGING to ride his motorcycle...usually MeMe won't let him unless his Daddy is there, but I guess she gave in today. I don't think she will again though....

You see, Cheney was riding around MeMe's house when a tree just jumped right into his path.

Luckily, he was wearing a helmet. Can you see where it hit the tree?

Cool!! A bloody band-aid...

MeMe said that when EVERYONE stopped crying, they determined that stitches weren't necessary....

It looks like the bike sustained some damage....

Let's see....there were two other kids in this family who ran into a stationary object with a go-cart. Uncle Jeff, I was NOT pressing the accelerator. You just didn't see Grandma's car parked in the garage, did you??

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Little Matador!

Chandler is completely mesmorized with the football game. She absolutely loves it!! From watching the players to hanging out with Mommy's students, she has the best time. Tonight, she got to wear her "football dress." Of course, MeMe made it for her and she was proud to show it off!
Isn't it just adorable??

This is Ansley. She has come over to babysit twice & Chandler has fallen in love with her. Ansley is a trainer & Chandler loves to watch her on the sidelines. Tonight, she was able to take Chandler down close to the field!!
At the end of the game, Ansley took Chandler down to sing the school song with the football players and cheerleaders. Cheney used to do this with some of my players & now it is Chandler's turn. Chandler is so lucky that some of these high schoolers enjoy her!! At one point tonight, there were 3 girls tickling her....they loved to hear her laugh!!

Unfortunately, the Matadors got stomped!! Too bad!! Of course, we have always been faithful fans & will be right there next week....cheering them on!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Soccer Saturday

Soccer was back today....it got canceled last week because of the hurricane threat. Today was picture day! Cheney was in tears when he realized his Daddy wasn't going to be there....he is still in Brazil. I promised him I would take a team picture next week with his Daddy!!

Looking so cute!!

This is the Bulldogs....they picked their team name.

Cheney with some his teammates waiting for their pictures.

Chandler & Bubba after the game.

Bubba had to take a picture of Mommy & Chandler.

I don't have any action shots of the game because I was helping Coach Tallier with the coaching responsibilites. We tied 2-2. Cheney had several opportunities to score, but he let the ball get too far in front of him. He is going to work on that!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Could It Be Fall?

For those of you who live in Texas, you know that we have about 4 whole days of spring or fall-like weather. Well, this week we are experiencing the absolute BEST weather!! It has been cool in the morning and warm in the afternoons with low humidity!! Cheney has been complaining about how cold he is & my students are acting like they are going to die....but I LOVE IT!!

Last night, we went to Wal-Mart to buy a new hoodie....he could barely move his arms in the one from last year!! He was very proud of his CAMO hoodie!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Today, EVERYTHING was canceled....soccer was canceled for Cheney and ACT test administration was canceled for Mommy. Daddy made it safely to Brazil & we had NOTHING to do!! So, of course, we did what we always do....went swimming!! Chandler got her haircut yesterday & she was definitely showing off!!

This is more like the REAL Chandler...crazy, goofy girl!!

P.S. As I type this, it is raining a little....

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Little Girl & Her Yellow Jacket

This is the story of a little girl & her yellow jacket. You see, this little girl ALWAYS wants to be like her Bubba. Apparently, her Bubba's classroom is cold & he has started to take a jacket to school with him. Well, the little girl decided she was cold & needed to take her jacket to school too. It is still in the high 90's every day in South Texas. When Mommy left this little girl at school the other morning, she was wearing her jacket zipped ALL THE WAY up and refused to take it off. When MeMe went to pick her up around 4:30 that same afternoon, she was on the playground with her friends & yes, her yellow jacket was still on & zipped ALL THE WAY up. She NEVER took it off all day. I convinced her to take it off for her shower...but it immediately went back on after the shower. When she decided it was a little too hot to sleep with the jacket on, this little girl decided that she would use it as her blanket. So she fell fast asleep clutching her yellow jacket. She wants to be JUST LIKE BUBBA!!

I love this little girl with all my heart!! My life was eternally changed when GOD gave me this exceptional little girl!!

Thursday Night Lights

Due to Hurricane Ike, our Friday Night Lights were changed to Thursday Night Lights. Of course, we NEVER miss a home game. We used to say "we never miss a game" but it is hard to get to some of the AWAY games with kids who have to go to school every day. Unfortunately (or fortunately--my yard could use the rain!!) it didn't rain tonight. It probably would have been a great night for football.

It doesn't really matter though because WE WON!! YAY!! GO MATADORS!!

The game was early so we decided to eat at the game. We RARELY let Cheney eat concession stand food-unless it is snacks. I realized that he might have been deprived a little because he had no idea what a frito pie was!! I personally think it is gross, but he loved it!! His first frito pie!!
My blog friend, Kristen, didn't know what a frito pie is....I am so sorry. I just thought EVERYONE knew about frito pies. Frito pie is fritos that are covered in chili & cheese. Some people put sliced jalapenos on their pie. I don't eat them...Cheney & his Daddy think they are AWESOME!!

The ROTC presented the colors for the game. I was amazed because they rarely make it to the 50 yard line!!

We played on Sept. 11th so the flag was at half-staff.

I teach several of the "flag runners." They tell me that is really hard to run with the flags--especially last night because we scored 37 points and recovered several fumbles...

Chandler loves looking at things with Pop's binoculars.

The best thing about our game being on Thursday instead of Friday?? Daddy, Pop, Uncle Mitch, & Aunt Reva ALL got to go to the game. They left this morning for Brazil. Please pray for our Mission Team as they spend the next 12 days ministering to the people in Brazil!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You remember we had a midnight visitor last week? Well, Daddy set up a live trap to see if we could catch our little friend...You see, our friend ate an entire bag of dog food the other night. Do you know how much dog food costs these days? Daddy was not too happy with our friend. The first thing we caught was LUCY!! She was ticked off when she got trapped in the cage, but Daddy quickly let her out.

Night #1: We caught this guy. Daddy took him to Papa Jim's river lot & released him.

Night #2: We caught this guy.

This guy was released close to Daddy's office. We haven't caught another one....the trap is still out there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Dad Is COOL!!

Our Daddy has a cool job...check out this video about his company.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Starring Cheney!

**REMINDER: You must turn off the music to hear the video!!**

Cheney had several lines in each scene. Here is the 1st scene. I was amazed when I heard his voice....he sounds so grown up!! I was impressed with the way he articulated his words...his Mama must be a speech teacher!!

Outrigger Island: The Musical

In June, I posted about our VBS. The theme was Outrigger Island. The Kid's Klub presented the musical that went along with the theme at church tonight. It was a great way to end the summer!! Cheney had a speaking part & did awesome. You can watch video of one scene here.

The 1st scene opened with Cheney, Deano, Riley, & Cameron. Cheney, Deano, & Cameron played the part of brothers....their Dad was a preacher. Riley was Macy & her part fit her to a T!! She was wonderful!!

The singing was GREAT!

It really does amaze me that we have come so far as a church. When Daddy & I started attending there over 11 years ago, there were NO KIDS!! Now, we have 10-15 regular kids in Kid's Klub & several in the nursery that will join in a few years.

Travis came out to see Cheney....of course, that made Cheney's day!! THANKS TRAVIS!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Saturday

Soccer started!! Every Saturday morning from now until November, we will be at the soccer field. YAY!! Cheney moved into the league where he plays "real" soccer (according to him!)

I really can't believe that their jerseys are WHITE....

This is Chandler's friend, Caroline. They are about 3 months apart. Caroline's mommy taught with me for several years. Her Daddy and our Daddy went to high school together and her uncle Steven was Mommy's friend when we were growing up. They had a great time playing together!!

Getting our cleats checked

Chasing the ball

Cheney got to play goalkeeper for a quarter. He stopped the ball several times.

This is Sam, Kimberly, & Cheney watching during the 3rd quarter.

Here comes the ball!!

We lost 3-2. Oh well, we had fun & that is what matters. Can you tell how hot it was out there?