Saturday, May 31, 2008

Skiing Progress...

Cheney is oh-so-close to getting up on waterskis. I think he will get up and stay up very soon. I will update you with his progress soon!!

Fun In The Sun

This weekend, Laura & Bobby brought some of their Church friends to Seguin to spend some time on the river relaxing. Luckily, they invited us to spend the day with them--which meant we got to play with Ashtyn. We had a great day!! Thanks for letting us share!!

Chandler & Daddy jumping in!!

My 3 beautiful kids hanging out in the water!!

Chandler decided that she had more fun in the little pool. She liked to just lay in the water.

Cheney made a new friend...her name is Grace. She is 7. They had fun playing together.

Cheney enjoyed pushing Ashtyn in the swing. She laughed at him....I think she thought his mohawk was FUNNY looking!!

Chandler watched the swing like it was a tennis match...back & forth, back & forth

Chandler tried to push Ashtyn...

Cheney & Daddy getting ready to try to get up on the skis.

Ashtyn is such a happy girl!! She sure enjoys making silly animal sounds.

Cheney & Laura had a "sword" fight

Ashtyn with her Mommy & Daddy

It was such a great day on the river--I could spend every day on the water!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Oh My!! Mommy is completely speechless...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of Kindergarten for Cheney. Chandler goes to school tomorrow and then she is done. Cheney was extremely excited about his last day....once again, Mommy was teary. She just isn't ready to be a Mommy of a 1st grader!! Below is the picture I took on the 1st day of school and then the picture of the last day of school. Both kids have changed...see for yourself!!

This morning, the school had the end of the year assembly. One of my friends agreed to cover my 7th period exam so I could go.

Cheney got an Outstanding Conduct award...he never went to the office. Good boy!! Also, he only missed 1 day of school the ENTIRE YEAR!! I am so proud of him!! That is much better than his Daddy or Mommy ever did.

We were so blessed to be in Mrs. Helms' class this year. Cheney loved her!! She told me that Cheney was so much fun to teach because he loved to learn. I know we will miss her!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shaving Cream Fun

Chandler's teacher sent me these pictures of her playing with shaving cream. It looks like she enjoyed herself!!

It looks like there is shaving cream everywhere...LOOK AT THE TABLE!! Her friend, Nyla, was sitting next to her. Nyla became is big sister on Tuesday!! Kendall Nicole finally arrived!! Congratulations Nyla!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Career Day

Today was Career Day at Jefferson Elementary School. Predictably, Mommy signed Daddy up to speak about his job. If you ask Daddy, Mommy signs Daddy up for things all the time (example--coaching baseball, soccer) ...but secretly, we know that Daddy LOVES IT!! He had a great time speaking to eight different classes. They loved the slide show of pictures!!

This is the Estrella. They call her Star because that is what Estrella means in Spanish. Estrella was Daddy's Career Club student helper. She met Daddy when he got to school & hung out with him all morning. Daddy said she was very sweet & helpful.

This is Mrs. Helm's & Ms. Gaona's classes. Cheney is a little left of center in the yellow shirt. Daddy said that he introduced him to the class & was beaming the entire time his Daddy talked. I know he was VERY proud that his Daddy was there!!

Daddy, you are the GREATEST DADDY EVER!! Thanks for taking the time to go to Cheney's school. It really meant a lot to have you there!! WE LOVE YOU!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We have a new pet!!

We are the proud owners of a TADPOLE!! Cheney met me at the car on Friday afternoon with a glass jar. He said "Mrs. Helms gave me the tadpole. She said I could put it in the river or keep it and I am going to keep it." So, we have a tadpole now. On the way home, we stopped at HEB for some snacks--Cheney was having some friends over and a babysitter was coming and he said that we had to have snacks that Jessica would like. He proudly carried his jar into to HEB and showed EVERYONE!! It was cute. So far, it has its back legs. It is pretty cool!!

We will keep you updated...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

River Rats

We finally got some river time today!! And it was the perfect day for the river--sunny and not too crowded. It surprised us that it wasn't crowded since it is Memorial Day weekend.

In case you didn't know, Cheney is growing his hair out so he can cut it into a MOHAWK!! He is planning on getting it cut at 2:00 pm on May 29th--school gets out at 1:45 that day!! As you can see, his longer hair is interesting after a fast boatride!!

Kylie got up on her 1st try!

Dean, Terryn, & Darla

Cheney & Daddy driving the boat

Terryn was a great driver!

Deano worked hard to get up!

Cheney ALMOST got up! With a little more practice this summer, I think he will be skiing all over the river!

Kylie is so pretty!

Cheney always wants to go fast.

I think these kids could ride in the boat all day long.

The group: Kylie, Haylie (Kylie's friend), Deano, Cheney, Terryn, & Chandler

Chandler LOVES the boat!

This pretty much sums up our day!!

Thanks for such a fun day!! Can't wait until next weekend & we can do it again!!

The Last T-Ball Game of 2008

This morning was Cheney's last t-ball game. The game was at 9 am and it was already HOT!!

The Star Spangled Banner

I have learned that the dugout is a FUN place. This is the only time these boys ever sat still!!


As Cheney ran toward home, I got this short video of him sliding. All the boys slide whether they need to or not!!

This is the result of the slide--it hurts MOM!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is Daddy's (ahem 36th!!) Birthday. Last night, we out to dinner with everyone who lives in Seguin. Uncle Mitch & Aunt Reva are going out of town in the morning so that is why we went out before Daddy's birthday. As usual, we had a great time, but we certainly missed the Weir, Pellerin, and Porter family--mostly we just missed Thatcher and Ashtyn ;-).

Happy Birthday Daddy!! WE LOVE YOU-even though we don't always listen to you!!

Chandler wanted to take a picture with Mommy & she kept putting her arm around my neck.

The kids always enjoy helping opening presents!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


There are times when Cheney & Chandler do not get along, but then there are times that they are so sweet to each other. The other night, they shared a beanbag to watch a movie. It was just too cute to not take a picture. I love it when they are sweet to each other--maybe because I know it won't last long.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Garden Has Exploded

The garden is growing and growing and growing....
The kids love to check out how much taller the plants have gotten each evening.

We have already eaten a few strawberries....they are good!!

Cheney can't wait to eat this watermelon

YUM! YUM!! Tomatoes....can't wait!!!!