Monday, January 28, 2008

We Know You Are Laughing...

You have seen pictures of the dancing that goes on at our house. Well, tonight I got some video. It is funny! You have to watch to the very end...that part will make you laugh the hardest. Cheney is dancing to the song "Superhero" by Go Fish. I know you can't hear the words to the song very good, but the best part is Cheney's version. Enjoy!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun at MeMe & Pop's House

As many of you know, Cheney & Chandler LOVE to spend time with their MeMe & Pop. In fact, I think there are times they would just as soon move in there! But we are thankful they enjoy being with MeMe & Pop. Here are some pictures of them just hanging out!!

Did you know that Chandler is the proud Mommy of FOUR babies? It takes a long time to get them all loaded up for their daily walk!!

MeMe & Pop's driveway makes an excellent canvas for sidewalk chalk drawings. Plus, the weather this weekend was beautiful!!

Cheney is a great big brother: he helps Chandler make her drawings

Cheney is showing Chandler how to get cobwebs out of the tree.

Just being silly!

Thanks for letting us hang out with you, MeMe & Pop! We always have a great time!! We are so lucky to have you so close by!!

Cheney Sings In Church

The Kids Klub Choir sang in church this morning. They sang a song called "Instant Messages." This is the first time I have uploaded video so I hope it works. Cheney is in front-wearing a red long sleeve shirt and one of Pop's "Texas" ties! He has developed an new style-cowboy boots and a tie!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Chandler Got An Early Birthday Present!

I can't believe that Chandler will be 2 in a few weeks! It seems like just yesterday I heard "It's a girl!" Time has flown by. Today, she got an early birthday present in the mail from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry. We are already so excited about their visit in March. Chandler has grown so much since they saw her when she was 10 months old. I think that they are going to LOVE her silly personality & LAUGH at her stubornness!!

When I said "Chandler, you got a present in the mail," she came running.

Such concentration...

YEA! What a cute b-day shirt!! She also got pants to wear with the shirt, but I couldn't get her to stand still long enough to take a picture of both. After opening the package, she picked up both things & ran around the house-SO EXCITED!!!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bowling Fun!

We don't have school tomorrow because it is MLK day so we don't have to get up early tomorrow! YEA!! Tonight after church, we headed to the bowling alley because it was $1 night. It was VERY crowded-but the kids had a great time anyway.

My cute babies!!

Cheney decided REAL bowling is way harder than Wii bowling! Notice his hang time on the ball-I didn't know the bowling ball was supposed to FLY through the air.

Kylie, Billy, & Darla were intent on eating fried pickles instead of bowling!

Terryn & Chandler

Kylie let Chandler bowl for her-she knocked over more pins when Chandler pushed the ball down the lane than when Kylie actually bowled! Way to go, Chandler!!

Deano has good form

Terryn is definitely a girly-girl! It only took her ball a minute to get down the lane-every single turn. It was a SLOW game for Terryn!!

Just Another Weekend

Friday night was cold & rainy but we decided to bundle up & head to the Lady Matador Basketball game anyway. Unfortunately, the Lady Mats lost. They played a pretty good game & it was disappointing that they lost. Chandler immediately saw her friend, Nyla. Nyla's daddy is the Head Coach for the girls so she is almost always at the game. Chandler & Nyla go to MiniMats daycare together too! Chandler will be moving up into the same room as Nyla this week. After sitting by them at the game, I have decided that Ms. Kim is going to have her hands full with these two silly girls!!

I had the camera in my hand & immediately they wanted their picture taken, but they started laughing & couldn't stop. It was so cute! Their laugh is contagious.

I finally got them to stop long enough to pose.

Chandler being silly!

Then, Nyla joined the action! This got them to laughing EVEN MORE!!!!

On Saturday, Cheney & Billy went to the Guadalupe County Youth Show Auction. Konni & Karson both had animals in the Auction so they wanted to check it out. I sent my camera along so that Billy could take some pictures. THIS IS WHAT I GOT!! A picture of Cheney eating bar-b-que-HOW EXCITING!! THANKS GUYS!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

...there was a princess named Chandler Grace. She was a beautiful little princess and her family loved her very much. She loved to play with her dolls & going to her MeMe's house. Chandler had a great sense of humor & enjoyed teasing everyone. She had a beautiful smile & will live happily every after!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Dining Room Floors

I spent Saturday afternoon & evening visiting some of my former Starsteppers. They are grown up now & we had a great time talking (gossiping!) and laughing about old memories. While I was gone, Billy & Dean were hard at work!! Boy, was I surprised?? I love it guys!! It looks beautiful!! Thanks for all your hard work.

View from the entryway

View from the kitchen

My Silly Girl!!

If you have being paying attention, I have mentioned several times that Chandler is really developing her personality. Actually, she has a great sense of humor & is REALLY silly. Chandler is different from Cheney because she has never really liked to play by herself. When Cheney was her age, he would sit in the same room with me & play on the floor. Chandler wants someone to sit right beside her & play with her. Lately though, she has started to play more by herself. On Saturday morning, I was doing laundry & putting stuff away. I walked into our bedroom & found this...

Chandler cleaned out the entire bottom shelf of her changing table so she could have a ...

My silly little girl pretending like she is taking a nap!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The 3 (I mean 4) Stooges!

Things have been a little slow around here. We are still recovering from the BIG CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!! Tonight we went to the Lady Mat Basketball Game. The girls won!! YEA!! Here are the 4 Stooges who absolutely love being at the game!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chandler & her friends

Some of Chandler's friends came over for dinner tonight. She had a great time with the big girls. They played with her all night, until they had had enough. Here they are in their jail!!

It's okay girls-she will be potty trained soon!!

Chandler & Terryn riding in my old rocking horse. Mr. Bob Busskohl reglued it and Mrs. Tammy repainted when Cheney was a baby.

Chandler loves playing with Terryn. When they got ready to leave, Chandler was ready to go with them-she cried when the girls left.

Thanks Kylie & Hailey-Chandler loves you!!

Uh Oh-MeMe's MAD!!!!

Cheney got a BB gun!!

Love Hate Relationship

We have been working really hard to get Chandler to like Shelby. I mean, she likes her, but she HATES it when she sniffs or licks her. When we get home in the evenings, Chandler will insist on bringing Shelby in the house, but as soon as she gets inside, Chandler starts crying & wants us to pick her up. I guess it is because they are the same height & can look each other in the eye. Anyway, Chandler was mad when she got up this morning that Shelby was already outside-Chandler slept in until after 10 am (GOOD GIRL!!) She insisted that her Daddy go get Shelby. Being the good Daddy, he did & Shelby stayed in for only a few minutes because Chandler got upset. After we got everyone settled down, Chandler decided that she wanted to see what Shelby's kennel was like. I quickly snapped a picture-Billy said that I was going to get reported to CPS!!!

You can tell that Chandler is almost 2! She is moody & can throw a fit, but the next minute, she is running around laughing & clapping her hands. She has developed a GREAT sense of humor & it is fun to see her giggling. She has been saying many more words so I think we are okay on the speech front. Right now, she is supposed to be taking a nap, but she is yelling "Mama" across the house in her loudest voice. While I love hearing her talk, I wish she would just go to sleep right now!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Chandler & Lady Mat Basketball

The Lady Mats were playing Westlake tonight. Chandler already knows when we pull into the gym parking lot that she is going to a "bball" game. She was intently watching the game-clapping & cheering until...

...she spotted Nyla. Nyla's Daddy is Coach Lewis-the head girl's basketball coach. Nyla also goes to school with Chandler. She is soooo very cute!! Nyla will be 3 in a few months & she is having a new baby sister this summer. She was getting lots of practice tonight with a little one who copied everything she did!!

They both hammed it up for the camera. Nyla wanted me to take lots of pictures of them!!

Then, they started laughing...

and laughing!!

They were laughing so hard that people were turning around to see what was going on!! It is fun to see Chandler developing friendships & recognizing her friend's faces. Nyla told me "That is my Chandler and I love playing with her!"

We know how you feel about Heeleys, Uncle Jeff...but

Cheney got Heeleys for Christmas & he is trying to learn how to "skate." For a while, he wouldn't let go of anything but he is getting braver & braver. The "hang out room" makes a great practice surface. Don't worry Uncle Jeff-he isn't wearing them to school or the store with the wheels in!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Little Diva

MeMe & Pop gave Chandler her own robe for Christmas. It says her name & when she is done with her bath, she can't wait to put it on. Tonight, she thought she was hot stuff drinking milk out of her big girl glass (no lid!) & bossing her big brother around! Billy & I had a glimpse of what our life might be like in 10 years-PRAY FOR US STARTING NOW!!!!! She paused long enough to show off for her Daddy to take these pictures.

Dancing in the streets...I mean, kitchen!!

We didn't have any big plans today, so everyone just slept in (of course, Daddy had to go to work-we miss him!!). After the kids got up, I turned on Cheney's FAVORITE new Christian group. They are called GO FISH and his favorite songs are "Superhero" & "Get Your Jammies On." We listened to them over & over and the kids danced! It was pretty funny. Staying home from school is sooooo much fun!!

Chandler spun around soooo fast, she fell down

Cheney is cooooool!

Cheney is breakin it down!


Chandler always stops for food!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

While Mommy & Daddy were playing around in Fredericksburg with Dean & Darla, Cheney & Chandler spent 3 days with MeMe & Pop.

This is the creek by Dean's Mom's house near Comfort.

Dean & Darla all dressed up for New Year's Eve

Mommy & Daddy

While we were gone, Cheney & Chandler got to do many things that they love. Of course, MeMe & Pop spoiled them rotten!!!! Thanks to MeMe for taking pictures while we were gone. We love you!!

Playing around in the mall-I thought this picture was funny because who is being the baby??

New Year's Eve morning-feeding the alpacas. The kids & alpacas have gotten really comfortable around each other. They come running when they have the feed bucket.

They helped Pop set up his new flagpole

Climbed in the tree

New Year's Eve-they went to eat at the restaurant at the Bass Pro Shop.

After they ate, they went to see "National Treasure." Chandler slept through the whole movie & Cheney didn't. On the way home, Cheney fell asleep. Chandler was trying to wake him up so they could shoot fireworks. It doesn't look like she is being very successful!!
Chandler bundled up to shoot fireworks. Apparently, she wasn't very excited about the fireworks. They scared her.

Cheney all bundled up

MeMe looks cold!!


New Year's Day-it looks like Chandler got enough sleep last night, but Pop didn't!!

Cheney being silly!!

Happy New Year to everyone! We have had a blessed 2007 & we pray that 2008 will be just as fantastic!!

We love you!!