Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

While Mommy & Daddy were playing around in Fredericksburg with Dean & Darla, Cheney & Chandler spent 3 days with MeMe & Pop.

This is the creek by Dean's Mom's house near Comfort.

Dean & Darla all dressed up for New Year's Eve

Mommy & Daddy

While we were gone, Cheney & Chandler got to do many things that they love. Of course, MeMe & Pop spoiled them rotten!!!! Thanks to MeMe for taking pictures while we were gone. We love you!!

Playing around in the mall-I thought this picture was funny because who is being the baby??

New Year's Eve morning-feeding the alpacas. The kids & alpacas have gotten really comfortable around each other. They come running when they have the feed bucket.

They helped Pop set up his new flagpole

Climbed in the tree

New Year's Eve-they went to eat at the restaurant at the Bass Pro Shop.

After they ate, they went to see "National Treasure." Chandler slept through the whole movie & Cheney didn't. On the way home, Cheney fell asleep. Chandler was trying to wake him up so they could shoot fireworks. It doesn't look like she is being very successful!!
Chandler bundled up to shoot fireworks. Apparently, she wasn't very excited about the fireworks. They scared her.

Cheney all bundled up

MeMe looks cold!!


New Year's Day-it looks like Chandler got enough sleep last night, but Pop didn't!!

Cheney being silly!!

Happy New Year to everyone! We have had a blessed 2007 & we pray that 2008 will be just as fantastic!!

We love you!!


MeMe said...

What fun we had this weekend!! We played games,(Cheney is good at "Guess Who" and "Shrek Operation") played outside, went to the movie and just hung out around here.
Thanks for staying with us. And thanks to Mom and Dad for letting you keep us company.
Love, MeMe

Tammy said...

Happy New Year! I LOVE the photo of Chandler in her yellow jammies! How precious!