Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chandler & her friends

Some of Chandler's friends came over for dinner tonight. She had a great time with the big girls. They played with her all night, until they had had enough. Here they are in their jail!!

It's okay girls-she will be potty trained soon!!

Chandler & Terryn riding in my old rocking horse. Mr. Bob Busskohl reglued it and Mrs. Tammy repainted when Cheney was a baby.

Chandler loves playing with Terryn. When they got ready to leave, Chandler was ready to go with them-she cried when the girls left.

Thanks Kylie & Hailey-Chandler loves you!!


Gram said...

It's okay, Chandler. One day they will be begging for you to play with them.

me said...

the older girls look so happy.

Kinda funny.

Tammy said...

Somewhere I think I still have before and after pictures of painting that horse!