Friday, January 4, 2008

Chandler & Lady Mat Basketball

The Lady Mats were playing Westlake tonight. Chandler already knows when we pull into the gym parking lot that she is going to a "bball" game. She was intently watching the game-clapping & cheering until...

...she spotted Nyla. Nyla's Daddy is Coach Lewis-the head girl's basketball coach. Nyla also goes to school with Chandler. She is soooo very cute!! Nyla will be 3 in a few months & she is having a new baby sister this summer. She was getting lots of practice tonight with a little one who copied everything she did!!

They both hammed it up for the camera. Nyla wanted me to take lots of pictures of them!!

Then, they started laughing...

and laughing!!

They were laughing so hard that people were turning around to see what was going on!! It is fun to see Chandler developing friendships & recognizing her friend's faces. Nyla told me "That is my Chandler and I love playing with her!"


MeMe said...

Two cute little girls in pink.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

Friends can be so much fun, especially in the gym!