Saturday, January 5, 2008

Love Hate Relationship

We have been working really hard to get Chandler to like Shelby. I mean, she likes her, but she HATES it when she sniffs or licks her. When we get home in the evenings, Chandler will insist on bringing Shelby in the house, but as soon as she gets inside, Chandler starts crying & wants us to pick her up. I guess it is because they are the same height & can look each other in the eye. Anyway, Chandler was mad when she got up this morning that Shelby was already outside-Chandler slept in until after 10 am (GOOD GIRL!!) She insisted that her Daddy go get Shelby. Being the good Daddy, he did & Shelby stayed in for only a few minutes because Chandler got upset. After we got everyone settled down, Chandler decided that she wanted to see what Shelby's kennel was like. I quickly snapped a picture-Billy said that I was going to get reported to CPS!!!

You can tell that Chandler is almost 2! She is moody & can throw a fit, but the next minute, she is running around laughing & clapping her hands. She has developed a GREAT sense of humor & it is fun to see her giggling. She has been saying many more words so I think we are okay on the speech front. Right now, she is supposed to be taking a nap, but she is yelling "Mama" across the house in her loudest voice. While I love hearing her talk, I wish she would just go to sleep right now!!!


Tammy said...

I told you you'd spend all that time trying to get her to talk, only to want her to be quiet when she did begin talking! ha ha

I certainly can't blame her for not wanting the dog to lick her though. ICK!

Gram said...

Chandler, get out of the doghouse. That is where Daddy's are suppose to spend their time!

Grandma said...

Was Shelby jealous of you using his dog house? You looked cute in that cage, maybe that is where we should put you when you throw your fits. ha No Grandma is just teasing. You don't belong in a pen.