Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Another Weekend

Friday night was cold & rainy but we decided to bundle up & head to the Lady Matador Basketball game anyway. Unfortunately, the Lady Mats lost. They played a pretty good game & it was disappointing that they lost. Chandler immediately saw her friend, Nyla. Nyla's daddy is the Head Coach for the girls so she is almost always at the game. Chandler & Nyla go to MiniMats daycare together too! Chandler will be moving up into the same room as Nyla this week. After sitting by them at the game, I have decided that Ms. Kim is going to have her hands full with these two silly girls!!

I had the camera in my hand & immediately they wanted their picture taken, but they started laughing & couldn't stop. It was so cute! Their laugh is contagious.

I finally got them to stop long enough to pose.

Chandler being silly!

Then, Nyla joined the action! This got them to laughing EVEN MORE!!!!

On Saturday, Cheney & Billy went to the Guadalupe County Youth Show Auction. Konni & Karson both had animals in the Auction so they wanted to check it out. I sent my camera along so that Billy could take some pictures. THIS IS WHAT I GOT!! A picture of Cheney eating bar-b-que-HOW EXCITING!! THANKS GUYS!!!


MeMe said...

Stomach first, then auction.
Love, MeMe

MeMe said...

I agree--Ms. Kim has no idea about these silly girls. What fun they will have.
Love, MeMe

Ashtyn said...

Just one the girls even know what a basketball game looks like? I pay better attention than they do!

grandpa said...

Hey, Cheney. Is that a kernal of popcorn from Friday's basketball game I see stuck in your ear? Pretty good shot, aren't I? Ha, Ha, Got you good!

Uncle Mitch

Gram said...

What clowns you three are!

Grandma said...

I thought you went to the Youth Stock Show to look at all of the animals. Chenney why didn't you enter Toby and Rocket? They could have won something. Maybe next time. Love you