Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dancing in the streets...I mean, kitchen!!

We didn't have any big plans today, so everyone just slept in (of course, Daddy had to go to work-we miss him!!). After the kids got up, I turned on Cheney's FAVORITE new Christian group. They are called GO FISH and his favorite songs are "Superhero" & "Get Your Jammies On." We listened to them over & over and the kids danced! It was pretty funny. Staying home from school is sooooo much fun!!

Chandler spun around soooo fast, she fell down

Cheney is cooooool!

Cheney is breakin it down!


Chandler always stops for food!


MeMe said...

How fun!! Cheney is teaching Chandler lots of new tricks. I can tell that she loves to imitate her brother. Too bad the winter break is almost over. I agree--staying home would be good--unless the kids get too bored with Mom.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

A little bit of staying home is fun. But----you know you would get tired of just dancing around and have to go out sometime. Christmas break is all almost over for everyone.

Grandma said...

I agree staying at home and playing around is fun, but going to school is fun too, so we have both Now you are back in school and having fun and can look forward to spring break to have a different kind of fun