Saturday, December 29, 2007

For Tammy: Sunset Pictures

We were driving out to Billy's moms house tonight & the sunset was beautiful. I have this new PHD camera & Billy wanted to see what kind of pictures it took. I think it did a pretty good job!! Tammy, you are probably the only one who would enjoy them. The weather has been perfect-cool at night & a little warmer during the day. The clear skies make for good sunsets!!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Deano got a Wii from Santa! He has been playing it for the past 4 days & invited us over tonight. It is pretty cool because you actually have to interact with it. We had the most fun with the bowling game. Cheney was PUMPED because after playing one time against Deano & losing, he beat him & set a record high 7 strikes in a row!! After that, he challenged Mr. Dean & beat him!! WAY TO GO CHENDOG!!!!
The adults played against each other-me & Darla lost to Billy & Dean. Oh well-we had fun! Here are the action shots. Billy looks serious!!

The kids waited patiently for the adults to finish playing their game!

Cheney in action

Deano in action

Chandler really LOVES Lacy! Poor dog, Chandler was choking her most of the time, but she never got upset.

After we finished bowling, Deano challenged Mr. Billy to a boxing match. It was HILARIOUS to watch. Mr. Billy was completely out of breath after this one!!

Needless to say, Cheney was hooked on the Wii!!

Christmas with Nanny Gerry & Papa John

Well, tonight was the Christmas Finale!! We had a great time visiting with Nanny Gerry & Papa John! Thanks!!

This is a picture of Kase, Karson, & Cheney-I added the border & then wrote on the picture. Pretty cool!

Konni is all grown up! She is not the little girl who insisted on being called "Cinderella" the day Steph & Kurt got married! She refused to answer to "Konni" that day. She is now 16 and was 4 when they got married-that means I am OLD!!!

Kase showing Papa John all the pictures of himself in the calendar we made.

Happy Girl!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Playing Around

I got a new camera last night. It is NOT fancy at all, just a point and shoot. But it has a cool touchscreen on it. I can add writing, pictures, or borders to pictures right on the camera. I added this border before I uploaded it to the computer. I will have to see how it prints out in an actual picture. I am definitely NOT trying to be a photographer, but I am making albums of both kids activities so they will have all the memories preserved in pictures. I am having fun with my new, little cute camera!!

Chandler Got A Haircut

I took Chandler to a salon to get a REAL haircut. This was her 1st haircut by someone besides Grandma. I wanted to take pictures of her getting the actual haircut but she was afraid so I had to sit with her. I was really surprised because she LOVES for Grandma to cut her hair-sometimes Grandma has to fake it or she wouldn't have any bangs!! When we got to MeMe's, she let me take a few pictures of her. We didn't cut much, but it was the 1st time we cut the back. It is nice & even now. She is looking more & more like a little girl than a baby! Also, she is talking more. In the past two days, she has said "Elmo" & "gone." I think she will be caught up by her 2nd birthday!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family & friends! We are so thankful for all of you. Hopefully, the joy of the season will continue throughout to next year. We love each & every one of you!! Thank you for blessing our lives in so many ways.

Cloughly Family Christmas

After we opened presents with MeMe & Pop, we headed over to Grandma's house for MORE presents. We were sad that Thatcher & Ashtyn weren't there! Cheney & Chandler had a great time being the center of attention though!!

Thatcher sent Cheney this COOL shark towel!!

Chandler LOVED Grandma's Divinity-YUM YUM

Grandma opening a gift-WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!

There were so many presents under the tree Cheney decided to act like one himself. I think he did a pretty good job!!

Chandler got this baby stroller from MeMe & Pop. It was the best gift ever! She absolutely LOVED IT!!!!

There were so many gifts to bring home that Daddy got the wagon tied up to the 4-wheeler to bring things back to MeMe's house. Anytime the 4-wheeler is out, both kids want on it!!

Chandler eating her Christmas dinner-she loved it!!

Christmas Morning with MeMe & Pop

We spent the night at MeMe & Pop's house. Amazingly, the kids slept until after 7:30. They got up & were ready to see what Santa brought them.

At the top of the stairs, waiting to go down. Yes, Tammy-I finally posted a picture of myself, only because Chandler REFUSED to be in the picture with her brother!!

Cheney was so excited to see what was in his stocking!

Santa brought Chandler a Barbie Car!

Santa brought Cheney a new BMX bike (and a remote controlled TARANTULA that absolutely terrifies his sister-which completely thrills him!!)

Cheney & Pop reading the Christmas story

Chandler & MeMe listening to the story

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry sent Cheney a football themed gift-football hot chocolate, football reese's pieces, & a football hoodie. This is his MEAN football face!!

Chandler reading the book that Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry sent the kids. It was about NYC!!

Cheney reading the card from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry-thanks for the movie "Night at the Museum" Cheney was VERY excited!!

Chandler looking at her collection of princess board books!!

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry-Today wasn't complete without you!! We missed you so much! Hopefully, we can see you soon. Thanks for sending such wonderful gifts-we enjoyed them very much!! The books are GREAT!!!!

Stephenson Christmas @ MaMa & Pop's House

After we finished at our house, we headed over to MaMa & Pop's house for the annual Stephenson Christmas. Since most of the grandkids have their own kids, there are TONS of people there & it is very loud!! The great-grandkids always have lots of fun playing with each other & they get a long fairly well-sometimes the girls can get on the boys nerves or vice versa, but they still always have a great time!! We are soooo thankful that so much of our extended family lives so close by. We only have to travel for about 5 minutes on any holiday!!

Karson & Hunter playing tic tac toe. I thought it was cute that the 2 youngest babies were sitting & watching intently. They never tried to grab any pieces!!

Such sweet faces!

Riley was sitting like a big girl waiting for Aunt Debi (her MeMe) to say "It's time to open presents!"

And when Aunt Debi said "It's time!" the kids quickly found their places on the floor. Cheney wouldn't stop making silly faces & the consensus was that he was acting JUST LIKE HIS DADDY!! We knew he looked like him & it has been confirmed: he acts like him!!

WOW!! It was a busy place!!

Pop & MaMa (with Dusty & Jaime) listening to instructions about their gift

Papa Jim sang Kase a song with his new guitar. Kase looked at Papa Jim like he was CrAzY!!

Karson & Cheney

Karson laying on the floor-he was READY to go to bed

Christmas with Papa Jim & Granny Vanette

We started off the "whirlwind" on Christmas Eve at our house! Papa Jim & Granny Vanette are remodeling their house so everyone came to our house. It was so much fun!!

Chandler opening a present

Kase was so excited to get a GIANT Tonka truck & a hard hat!

But he also enjoyed feeding Chandler's baby doll! It's okay Uncle Kurt, he didn't stay interested in it for long!!

The grandkids created a calendar for Granny 'Net & Papa Jim. Kase & Chandler were THRILLED to see themselves in print.