Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chandler Got A Haircut

I took Chandler to a salon to get a REAL haircut. This was her 1st haircut by someone besides Grandma. I wanted to take pictures of her getting the actual haircut but she was afraid so I had to sit with her. I was really surprised because she LOVES for Grandma to cut her hair-sometimes Grandma has to fake it or she wouldn't have any bangs!! When we got to MeMe's, she let me take a few pictures of her. We didn't cut much, but it was the 1st time we cut the back. It is nice & even now. She is looking more & more like a little girl than a baby! Also, she is talking more. In the past two days, she has said "Elmo" & "gone." I think she will be caught up by her 2nd birthday!!


MeMe said...

What pretty hair. She even lets me fix it more often.
Love, MeMe