Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas with Granny

So we started our week of Christmas celebrations tonight! Many of you know that Billy's Granny moved into an Assisted Living center this summer. She is enjoying living there, but it has been a hard transition for her. Her apartment is quite small, but we reserved the parlor to use. It was fun & we are so thankful that we can share some time with Granny!

The kids opened their gifts as soon as we got there!

Konni with her friend, Bailey. They have both been in 4H together for many years.

Granny enjoyed all the excitement, but we can be REALLY loud!! One of Granny's neighbors brought over 2 small boxes of dry cereal to give to the kids, but she said that there was only one rule-they had to be quiet when they were eating it!! I don't think she liked all our yelling & laughing!!

The boys playing with their new game.

Stepheny & Kase chatting with Granny

Nanny Gerry & Billy

The boys-Kase, Cheney, & Karson. Chandler really didn't want anything to do with them. They play rough!!


Uncle Dick said...

Where is POP? I think he was looking forward to going to the Mall. Billy you let me down. You got to get the old man out more. Have a Merry Christmas. I look forward to pictures of the big day.