Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stephenson Christmas @ MaMa & Pop's House

After we finished at our house, we headed over to MaMa & Pop's house for the annual Stephenson Christmas. Since most of the grandkids have their own kids, there are TONS of people there & it is very loud!! The great-grandkids always have lots of fun playing with each other & they get a long fairly well-sometimes the girls can get on the boys nerves or vice versa, but they still always have a great time!! We are soooo thankful that so much of our extended family lives so close by. We only have to travel for about 5 minutes on any holiday!!

Karson & Hunter playing tic tac toe. I thought it was cute that the 2 youngest babies were sitting & watching intently. They never tried to grab any pieces!!

Such sweet faces!

Riley was sitting like a big girl waiting for Aunt Debi (her MeMe) to say "It's time to open presents!"

And when Aunt Debi said "It's time!" the kids quickly found their places on the floor. Cheney wouldn't stop making silly faces & the consensus was that he was acting JUST LIKE HIS DADDY!! We knew he looked like him & it has been confirmed: he acts like him!!

WOW!! It was a busy place!!

Pop & MaMa (with Dusty & Jaime) listening to instructions about their gift

Papa Jim sang Kase a song with his new guitar. Kase looked at Papa Jim like he was CrAzY!!

Karson & Cheney

Karson laying on the floor-he was READY to go to bed


Gram said...

Isn't it fun to have so many cousins to share Christmas with? I know you all had a great time!