Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Tonight was the last night that we will have Kids Klub until 2008!! The kids worked really hard on the musical preparations so deserved to have a great Christmas party.
Don't they all look so pretty & handsome?

Well, this is how they really look!!

They all brought gifts to exchange, but instead of the usual gift exchange they all received balloons that had instructions inside. Each kid had to pop their balloon & read the instructions. No one knew which gift was theirs until the very end. Here is Deano & Cheney patiently wait to pop their balloons. Everytime a balloon was popped-everyone screamed! It was great fun!!

Cheney popped his balloon (THANKS MR. MARTY FOR THE SHARP STICK!!)

Check back soon for more pictures. We are going to visit Santa tomorrow. Cheney & I had a discussion tonight about whether the Santa at the mall was the real Santa. He finally decided it was one of the North Pole "managers" & the "manager" reports DIRECTLY to the REAL Santa. I told him that you never know which one is the real Santa & which is the "manager."

Good grief, they grow up fast??


Tammy said...

Yes, they do grow up fast. It will seem like tomorrow when he's 16!!! And it seems like just yesterday Cheney was the new baby in the nursery! Merry Christmas guys!