Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Finished!!!

At 10:45 pm, Billy came in and said, "It's finished!" He has been working on the garage (I still call it the shed) at least 3 nights a week-usually he gets started after 7 pm because he still helps get dinner on the table & the kids bathed. We are still organizing & "decorating" the interior. My question: WHY ARE WE DECORATING A GARAGE?? Billy's answer: It is more than a garage. It's a living space. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Since Chandler has been born, we have increased the space we have at our house & continue to fill it up!!

The exterior

The garage portion-looking from the southeast side of the roll-up door

The garage portion-looking from the workshop area

The workshop area-there is space for a treadmill, flat screen TV and pool table!! But there won't be any space for WORKING!!!

This is the "JUNK" room-all the stuff from the old shed is in here. Notice it is already full!!


Me!! said...

It IS a living Space.
I will help him get his cable line hooked up out there tonight!!!

Uncle Dick said...

Billy, great job. Looks like a lot of good work went into this. You have set a great example for you children. I am proud of you.

MeMe said...

I don't see any room for Shelby out there--isn't this also the "dog house"?