Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family & friends! We are so thankful for all of you. Hopefully, the joy of the season will continue throughout to next year. We love each & every one of you!! Thank you for blessing our lives in so many ways.


grandpa said...

What a great time we had today, even though your daddy got bored and went to sleep (several times). I think he thought he was in church! Cheney, thanks for playing Santa and passing out all the gifts. You did a great job and if you keep eating like you did today you'll be LOOKING like Santa very soon. Chandler, I had so much fun playing with you today. I hope we didn't stretch out your Christmas shirt too much. You're a cutie for sure! We've been telling our girls how you yelled at Reva to watch us while we were playing. Thank you to all of the Stephenson's clan for a great day and lots of cool presents. I love you all.

Uncle Mitch

Gram said...

Don't you two look handsome and beautiful? Mommy and Daddy should really be proud of you. I know i am.

Uncle Dick said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Glad to see all you together. Cheney and Chandler are getting so big. Love you all.

Grandma said...

Cheney and Chandler look so cute. Cheney, I sure do like the picture with you and Chandler in front of the tree. You with your arm around Chandler and Chandler with her hand on your knee. My favorite. Love you.