Sunday, December 2, 2007

6 years ago...

Micayla Jo was born! If you have met Micayla, you know that she is a beautiful child. She has such a sweet spirit! She is truly a gift from God. I can still remember waiting for the phone call that Micayla was here-she was born on my birthday!! Cheney & Micayla have been friends since they were born. They attended daycare together and then went to preschool together. They even went to their 1st dance team camp together!! Unfortunately, they aren't going to the same elementary school. It has been a little tough on Cheney because he has had to make all new friends-a couple of the kids from preschool go to school with Micayla. This weekend, Micayla got to invite ONE friend to go to Build-A-Bear with her. She chose Cheney!! As always, they had a great time together.

Micayla has grown up so fast! Pop used to love to pick Cheney up from preschool because it ALWAYS guartaneed him a hug from Micayla.

One day, this picture will embarrass them!

Micayla enjoys being a "big sister" to Chandler

For her 5th birthday, Micayla had a tea party. The girls were princesses and Cheney was a prince.

Micayla, Cheney, & Justin (Micayla's brother)-friends forever!! When these 3 are together, silence does NOT exist.


Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight.......Cheney was only watching at the Dance Team Camp, he was not participating. He was a newborn and was forced to follow mommy around for food.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

What a beautiful young lady Miss Mikayla is growing to be. She truly is a joyous blessing.

MeMe said...

Oh My!! I had forgotten about that dance camp. I remember that Mikayla did not stay the whole time. Her Daddy came to rescue her. Cheney was "stuck" for the entire time.
What fun these two have been. And now they each have a brother--or sister. So cool that both families get to experience raising a son and a daughter. I hope these 4 kids know how lucky they are to have Christian parents?
Thanks for letting me "hang out" with you guys.

Gram said...

What a beautiful young lady Mikayla has become!