Thursday, December 20, 2007

We Went To See the REAL Santa!

Tonight, we headed to the mall to talk to Santa. We wanted to make sure that he knew EXACTLY what we wanted. We got there around 5 pm only to find out that Santa was going on his dinner break in about 15 minutes & they had CLOSED THE LINE!! So, we headed to Chick-Fil-A (our favorite at the mall!). Around 6:15, we got back in line & it was REALLY long. Santa came back from his dinner break around 6:25 & (thank goodness!) the line moved pretty fast.
I am completely amazed that Chandler is not the least bit afraid of Santa. The Christmas that Cheney was 1, he was completely terrified of Santa. The only time that Chandler cried was when they made her get off Santa's lap because the little girl that was before her didn't like her pictures!! Chandler had walked right up & started visiting with Santa. Santa told MeMe that he was VERY IMPRESSED that she was not scared of him!! WAY TO GO, CHANDLER!!!

MeMe had to fix Chandler's hair-she sits STILL for MeMe, not for her Mommy!!

Doesn't he look handsome??

Chandler didn't want to be in the picture with Bubba-she kept running off

I thought this was sweet-I wonder what they were talking about?

Stephenson Kids-I may be prejudice, but I think they are the cutest kids around!! Many people smiled at them in the mall & talked about how pretty Chandler's dress was!!

On the way home, Cheney decided that was the REAL Santa!! He knew because he had a real beard!! Good boy!!


Tammy said...

What a couple of cuties! Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas! See you next year!

MeMe said...

OF COURSE--they were the cutest kids at the mall. It was such fun to watch them talk to Santa. Lisa, maybe you need to hold your mouth "just right" in order to fix Chandler's hair--mine certainly looks screwed up.
Love, MeMe