Saturday, December 8, 2007

Through The Eyes Of A Child...

We finished most of our Christmas shopping this week. YEA!! So instead of going to the mall tonight, we decided to visit Santa's Ranch. Chandler has been so excited about the light displays around town and
I knew that she would love driving through Santa's Ranch. Of course, I was right!!
(which is normal-I am ALWAYS right-HAHA)
She LOVED it!!
The entire time we were driving she was leaning out the window-clapping, yelling, and waving. This week, she has learned how to say "HO HO HO!" Billy leaned out the front window and took these 2 pictures of her.

I thought she looked so cute!!

Of course, the other kids had a great time too!! Cheney told me his favorite display was the Santa playing football with the reindeers.

Kylie spent some time spoiling Chandler. I don't know which one likes hanging out more. Kylie loves carrying Chandler around and Chandler loves playing with the BIG GIRLS!!