Tuesday, June 10, 2008

VBS Day 1 & 2

We started "surfing" through VBS yesterday. So far, Mommy has been pretty busy during the morning and hasn't taken a bunch of pictures so I waited until tonight to post some. We are having fun!!

Chandler with Katie & Terryn. Chandler adores these two girls & will pretty much do whatever they tell her. This is good in MOST situations, but not all!!

Cheney was listening intently to instructions during music!!

Is it just me or does Chandler look exhausted??

Deano & Cheney patiently waiting for March-In...they were really running around, but I made them sit down for a picture!!

Thatcher, Chandler, & Logan leaving Worship Rally

I love this picture! These are the Kindergarten boys!! Doesn't it look like their teacher works hard everyday?? This is Matthew, Garrett, Ezra, Cheney, & Aeneas. Such sweet boys!!


MeMe said...

Everyone is having fun at VBS.