Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brazil Garage Sale

Our church had a garage sale today to raise money for the Brazil Mission Trip. Daddy, Pop, Uncle Mitch, & Aunt Reva are part of that team. There are a total of 9 people going in September. While the parents were selling their JUNK, the kids decided to have a lemonade stand to raise money too. They collected over $30!! WAY TO GO KIDS!! I was very impressed with their organization....they immediately divided up the jobs--someone was in charge of advertising, someone took money, someone was in charge of ice, etc. They actually were more organized than their Mommies & Daddies!!

Deano, Matthew, Bethany, Maggie, & Cheney

Today was a special day in the C& C household...we cut into our first watermelon....doesn't it look delicious?? I am so proud...

The kids took a break to enjoy Cheney's watermelon.

Chandler & Katie divided their time between helping the older kids & hanging out with Pop. Thanks Pop for watching over these two little girls. They look so cute eating their watermelon!

Chandler has started to HUG a is so sweet. She enjoys giving MeMe hugs!!


Krystyn said...

Way to make money for such a good cause. Good job, kiddos.

MeMe said...

It was a hot, long day. But the kids were wonderful. Thanks for helping raise money. Cheney, your watermelon was so sweet. Will there be one for July 4th?

Kristen said...

$30, I am totally impressed. Whew!

And that watermelon does look good. Looks like it is summer at your house!

Gram said...

Thanks for helping raise funds for the mission trip. All of these kids study about mission work at church and now they get to see their moms, dads, and pops going on a real mission trip. The kids are going in a way----with their raising funds and prayers. Way to go kids!!!