Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cheney's Swimming Lessons

For the past two weeks, Cheney & I have been making a daily trek to New Braunfels for swimming lessons. Some people think it is ridiculous that he takes swimming lessons because this kid "swims" like a fish...but Mommy & Uncle Jeff swam on a swim team when they were growing up. To swim on the team, we had to know how to do the freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. We had so much fun competing each week!! I want Cheney to be able to swim--there is no swim team in Seguin, but there is one in New Braunfels. He plans on trying out next year. Tonight was the last night of swimming lessons. He completed level 6 this year-there are 10 levels before they classify you as a SWIMMER!! Level 6 means that he can swim the freestyle & backstroke, and started working on the breaststroke & butterfly. WAY TO GO, CHENEY!! I can't wait until August & we can watch the Olympics...swimming & gymnastics are my favorite events!!

Cheney's class was small. That is why I like this swim school--no more than 4 kids per teacher. This is Madilene, Carolann, & Cheney. He sure did seem to like being with only girls!!

Each year, they go over life jacket safety with the kids.

They also go over what to do when you are in a boat or float & it gets tumped over. Cheney is getting ready...

And he is in...he swam to the side just like he is supposed to.

Showing off his backstroke...I was impressed!!

Racing the girls....unfortunately Cheney lost! I am sure he would tell you that he let them win because they are girls!

Showing off his certificate

Cheney with his teacher, Ashley. We found out that her fiance' is from Seguin & Mommy went to high school with her future is a small world!!


Tammy said...

Go Cheney! You are an amazing swimmer!

MeMe said...

I cannot wait to watch you compete in swimming. You're backstroke is awesome. Thanks for letting me watch your performance.

Anonymous said...

HI, I was wondering where you took lessons. I live in Seguin and was also looking for my son, who wants swimming as his "sport" now - he is homeschooled. I could not find any year-round swimming lessons or swim teams in Seguin either. thanks - Julie