Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunny Saturday Fun

It is Saturday & we did the usual...headed to the river!! It was pretty hot at first & then it got overcast...but we had a great time anyway!!

Chandler & Mommy riding in the inner tube...this was her 1st time to ride! I was trying to get her to put her hands up the whole time & she did at the end...FINALLY!!

You can just barely see Chandler's head, but she & Terryn had a great time...check out the video.

Kylie & her friend, Jessica, had fun skiing double

After a bunch of skiing, the girls hung out on the boat. Aren't they cute?

Sweet picture of Terryn, but it looks like she is going to get in trouble soon!

Terryn & Chandler getting ready to jump off the dock

I LOVE this picture of Cheney & Deano!

Sweet girls!! This is what summer is all about--great friends & great fun!!


Gram said...

We always have fun at the river! It is great to see you growing up and enjoying your friends AND sharing the fun of skiing and tubing.