Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Official! They are beach bums!

Monday morning, we set out on an adventure!! We were going to drive to Port Aransas and spend 2 nights with Granny 'Nette. She is camping down at the coast for several weeks. We rarely go on car trips so the kids were EXCITED!!

This picture was taken as we pulled out of the driveway...

And here we are several hours later...waiting on the ferry...still smiling!

We saw dolphins!!

As soon as we got there, we put our bathing suits on. Chandler is waiting for Cheney & Granny 'Nette to come back with the golf cart.

All loaded up...ready for the beach!!

This is my FAVORITE picture of the whole time...this was her expression when the water hit her for the 1st time!

Amazingly, Cheney got in & immediately found a sand dollar!! He found several more the 1st day...COOL!!

Making sandcastles

Chandler LOVED the sand...

You always have to bury someone in the sand at the beach!


Taking a break

Can you tell what I did for the past two days??

Chandler wanted to be buried too. But she couldn't be still enough...

Beach Babes!!

This is what happens when your 6 year old takes the camera!!

Chandler posed too for Bubba!

Going out to boogie board

Coming back in. He decided it is a lot of work.

We visited the jetties. Chandler & Granny 'Nette were holding hands & walking...

BEACH BUMS looking cool!

Cheney ran ahead of us & then sat down to wait...looking cool!

Granny 'Nette ended up carrying was a loooooong way to the end!

We finally made it to the end.

Cheney was at the VERY END...stressing his mama out!!

The sun was going down as we walked back...

No trip to Port A is complete without a visit to the shark!!

THANKS GRANNY 'NETTE FOR ALLOWING US TO STAY WITH YOU!! Cheney & Chandler have decided that camping is for them!!


Krystyn said...

What a great trip! I love the one where the water hits Chandler's legs, too! It's perfect.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Looks like yall had a GREAT time. Chandler, when you get a little older, maybe Mommy can let you go camping and shave your legs while lounging in an inner tube like she used to do!

C and C Mommy said...

Thanks for the reminder "Thatcher's Mommy." I should explain...I was shaving my legs in the lake sitting in an inner tube because MeMe & Pop wouldn't let us use the shower & toilet in our camper UNLESS it was an emergency!! Shaving your legs in a concrete shower stall in the bathhouse just seemed gross to me so I went in the lake to shave them. Granny 'Nette uses her toilet & shower so I didn't have to worry about it!! We had some fun trips when we were growing up--I can't wait until we can tell our kids all the crazy "babysitting" ourselves when our parents went out to dinner in CANCUN!!

MeMe said...

Wonderful memories you are building for your children--and fun to share memories with them, too.

Indy said...

Great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to the beach.

Gram said...

It looks like you are all ready for Mexico now. It looks like you had great fun!

Texan Mama said...

Wow you look fantastic in a 2-piece suit! Good for you, mom, staying in shape after having 2 kiddos. Kudos to you!

Thiên said...

I loved looking at all the fun beach pictures Lisa! It made me miss summers with my family when we'd all go to the NC coast for a week and just have fun. :)