Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Does It Take A Funeral.... reconnect with family members?

As many of you know, Billy's Granny died last Wednesday. She was an extra-ordinary woman and I was honored to know her. We went to Houston for her funeral. It was very beautiful & the plan of salvation was presented very clear. We know where Granny is...walking in Heaven with Jesus.

Last night at the visitation, we met many of Daddy's relatives. We heard silly stories about Daddy growing up. This is Daddy's 2nd cousin, Donna's daughters. They are Hailey, Kaylea, and Skye. Skye has a twin brother, Ty, but they left him at home. Chandler enjoyed meeting these pretty girls!!

This is Aunt Steph, Daddy, Walter the 3rd, & Liz....Granny had 5 grandkids. Liz & Walter's sister, Larraine, couldn't make it from Maine.

The name Cheney is a family name....but mostly used as a middle name. These two boys are both Cheneys, but they have it as a 1st name. They are 2nd cousins. Big Cheney is Daddy's cousin, Liz's, son. He is a senior is high school. I told Liz that I had planned to use Cheney whether we had a boy or a girl & she had the same plans!!

Doesn't Cheney look handsome? He was waiting in the lobby of the hotel for the rest of us to get ready. All day, I heard complements about how polite he was...always shaking hands & saying how glad he was to meet everyone....I was so proud!!

Pop & Chandler entertained themselves while we waited for the funeral to start.

Cheney & Karson....Granny's sweet little boys. They always knew she would have soda & a snack when they visited her. They were so well-behaved the entire time.

I wish I knew what they were talking about....Cheney has his hands in his pockets & Karson's are behind his a couple of men talking about politics!

Granny was such a sweet woman. The thing I remember about her...when we would eat dinner at her house, she would wait to eat until almost everyone was finished. If we needed anything, she would jump up to get it. Then, when we finished eating, she would dismiss us to the living room so she could clean up. I always felt guilty, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She was just that giving of herself.


Tammy said...

Sounds like you all were very blessed to have her in your lives. What a beautiful family!

MeMe said...

The minister even said that it is a shame to have to wait for a funeral to reconnect. But it sounded as though you all have much to remember about Granny and still more to learn about what she wishes you all knew.

Marla said...

glad you were all able to be there...sent you some bloggy love today...